Thursday, December 10, 2009


How can I go in peace?
Although my place is here
Yet away we must be.
Perfection to such a degree
Knowing that it’s meant to be
Fitting together yet falling apart
Attempting lightness of diverged paths
The right way to rest our heads
A secret found, another kept.
Gently accepting the growing pain
Nudging apart to no obvious gain
Cold hearted, calculated steps
Boldly taken, lashing our chests.
Watching you plain as day
tomfoolery, making hay
Something snapped, then it changed
I go in peace
For away we must be.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Want it
Yet dread it
What is,
What could be
And thereafter.
A dream
A sonnet
A disaster.
Charms entice
When laughter lies
Wish it is so
A wish can betray.

several, untitled

A difficult task you have handed down,
to forget and perhaps forgive.
Have you realized yet,
how similar you are
to the air I breathe,
ground ‘neath my feet,
the skin I wear and live in.
Don’t ask me favours,
I can’t give answers complete
Without you, I find so much
deary, dead and unfinished.
Is there much more to this world?
I knew only you from start to fini.
Let me dream for a while,
Let me believe you’re only mine,
What’s the harm in dreaming?
I know reality bites
Afraid to love again
A broken heart’s pieces
They’re hard to find.
Irreplaceable, one of a kind.
Gently we fell in place
Easily giving, selfless grace.
Mind does emotion betray.
Hapless fury hath no face
Twice pulverized,
you’ve left in haste.
Learn to tame,
Not your taste,
Wild horses are not your game.
Another man may another day
Flag this stallion
Bring her to bay.
Twice tried
Thrice denied.
Is it yes you’re afraid to say?
How to break a heart in 30 seconds
Walk away when she’s bleeding
Tease her when she’s pleading
Writhing in pain,
She watches in vain.
Tenderness once knew this place
Gave it respite, gave it grace.
An open wound brings no joy
A broken heart is but, a cloy.
At a woman’s heart, I pray,
Do not, like a donkey, bray
I am her I was not before,
Will be she who I am not now.
What was, to begin,
What will be, at end,
Is more myself
Than any journal lends.
Mother, daughter, girl, friend.
The mind reasons,
The heart will not placate.
An internal battle wages forth
An emotional storm wrecks havoc
Never far from hysterics
Nor from laughter insane.
Sanity’s certainly not,
In this blind game
Everybody makes mistakes,
As did I, fell for you.
The joke’s on me,
Always a goof.
Neither rightful hour nor nun
Can stop me burning
under this sun.
Sin’s a sin,
tho otherwise written.
Forgive and forgiven
Wounded pores still linger.

Witching hour

Pink night skies
A chilly winter’s night
Not a lonely moment
Never a dark veil
Day dreams and reality
Parallelly coincide
Nay, a magical time
‘neath this I lie
Watching it all go by
Trance and reverie
My state belie
A squirrel snores
When crows come to blows
This mysterious muted hour
Here not blooms a flower
But wilder than I believe
Ravens with night vision
Leaves that spooky-speak
A time for bewitching
A time for believing

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meandering Self

Can’t find what I’m looking for
don’t understand all heard
Perhaps it’s a rogue mistake,
maybe it’ll happen again.
Oft than not words merge
even though the utterers do not.
In a herd, pushing through
trying to find the real you.
Masks, costumes, shades and more
covering the surface, engulfing the core.
Sunshine trapped in long before,
‘neath this disguise, offers relief sore.
Dreams mayn’t reality be,
reality mayn’t be pretty.
All that counts,
when, to that, we get down,
is if it keeps you happy.

Monday, November 02, 2009

For a birthday!

Oft found in the midst of a crowd,
you are a stand-alone fish market
No matter where you go,
you’ve always played the Pied Piper.
No one know how many many
people have danced to your notes
or traced your winding path.
You play on oblivious.
For you are the one and only M!
Fish market, pied piper and friend in faith.
Have a super awesome double birthday
on the 13th and 14th of May! :D

written for a colleague's birthday

Friday, October 30, 2009


It’s like insight
from the other side.
Watch the wheels turning
crushing out my song.
Can only look on,
as it all goes wrong.
Though casually mentioned
it’s never ignored.
Each syllable uttered
has the power of form.
A meticulous sand castle,
stomped out by the rain.
There is certainly a better way!
To carve in stone,
to forever relay
my goals, my ideals
and never give way.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Associate

Never one to remember dates,
Around you I see that change.
From tom-boy to girl-woman,
For you, I pause, rewind and change a bit.
Grown to be the girl I’ve never been.
Learning to love the homely gleam,
You make me cook,
You make me brave,
Be all that a man craves.
How do I understand you?
As simple as it seems,
Am I complete without your dreams?
Where I throw a withering stare,
There I feel you heart’s sad glare.
Each time you bide your while
Waiting for the return of tide
From breadwinner to making the same,
For you, complete the entire range.
Not just your wife,
Certainly not your slave.
But your mistress, lover, everything.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


‘You’ll never understand’, said he,
‘It’s beyond your capacity.’
Wonder if he’s ever tried
seeing the world from my side.
I don’t know pain as would he;
probably have more than he sees.
Running like clockwork,
I have a system clean.
Any sign of trouble,
it gives me a scream.
All left high and dry:
a tiny prick on his side.
Acid, on my skin streams,
my world in smithereens,
till the last moment,
I reserve my breath,
holding out for you;
that you mayn’t tread
on your own dreams and sweat.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forever Gardens

She grows hearts in her garden,
a dozen a bunch, a sneeze and pardoned.
She grows hearts in her garden,
can’t be allergic there ain’t no pollen.
She grows hearts in her garden,
to gift at every parting.

So she says, “There isn’t an end,
these hearts, they keep coming.
As along as I live,
s’long I love,
and my heart’s always expanding.”

Here, she gone now,
a physical presence no more.
Yet her hearts live on,
spread all over,
releasing little love showers
each day, each hour.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking, forging ahead

When did you let go?
I hadn’t noticed until I wasn’t sure.
Thought there was some backing,
a cushion I could fall back on.
Too late I realized I was
relying on memories, past ghosts.

Why am I still waiting?
All along you were amiss.
The first time I learnt
how to embrace this dearth;
understanding emotion again
in this light I shed, my own.

When did I turn my back to the sun?
Lingering in your shadow, now the light hurts.
Soon I know I must face it,
the light; the knowledge that comes with it.
Not a hand to hold, nor shoulder support
know I can, I will, forge ahead without you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The city's nightly make-over

Friday’s new movie
Shows its colours by night
In the wee hours of the day,
The city’s a working sight

Men on lamp-posts
Men on scaffolds
Men on tip-toes
working, all night long

Tar a-boiling, gravel gnashing,
The roar of a power drill.
Deep channels are made
The earth’s surface, above and within

New roads are laid,
Old posters are slain.
Where there were faucets,
There are now parades.

Terrace party throwers
To beach-side dwellers
Can only sigh and watch
As the civic tide turns.

Bit by bit, as the world awakes
Something has gone, something remains.
By night, the city rustles up
a spanking new facade.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


So pretty and pink,
that balloon on the brink!
Her little palm and fingers,
curling, holding on, so ginger!

Grey monkeys & white elephants
blue dogs and green cats,
twisty poodles and long-tailed rats,
bumping along, up in the air.

Watch her as she claps in glee!
Letting go each one so slowly.
Gently they float, in to the blue,
finding a place in her heaven so new.

The fall-out

Faraway upon a dream
With wings sprouted
Showing only the cream

A swishing sound
A drop to the ground
Nothing left to reclaim

Sunny meadows and frayed leaves,
animals that toil in the shade ‘neath.
In their midst, a life sprang.

Joyous, abundant, only pure,
this child was raised from noble loam,
the scent of the earth, of the assured.

She knows not dreams nor the sour.
She knows not the gut of furore
Readying to set foot into the unknown.

Now you come, now you shake,
To try and conquer
That which you mislaid.

In my lair, you hath set foot
In my heart, you trembled and shook
Thrown out again and again.

Come not ye hence and again
For such conduct, hath here no residence
No space without or within.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A day in the life.

In the early morning,
though there's much else to do
put my head on my hands
and think about you
Sweetly spurious,
you’ve made my heart goo.
Like a cavity, you’ve dug
all the way through.
Sunny afternoons show their teeth;
despite the intense ardor,
in you, I find shelter
Low in the sky,
the sun shows her side shy.
The evening gets so deary,
I haven’t you for company.
Sun has dipped, the moon is on
Leaving behind a night long.
Wrap your arms around me
For a moment, in love, let us sigh..

Of wishes...

Wish upon a falling star,
Wish upon an eyelash
Wish upon a mail van
Wish upon some fly ash

Wish upon a heady wish
Wish upon each wish
Wish that dreams reality met
Wish each morning, a brighter sun begets

A wish so starry
A wish so high
Were this wish fulfilled,
We'd live a different life

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Only a decoration for the passage time
adorning those filthy walls of brine.
Beaten hollow, what’s black and blue
where a soul hath now departed.
In a murky depths of night,
when nothing is ever right,
no morning light can shine through.
A scarred face is nothing to this heart
Torn and mauled severely apart.
Too many times bartered,
a love one should not have started.
Trustingly given for nought,
believing “Till death do us apart.”
Unforeseen, a consequence,
shredding the ties that bind us
watching Joy take her course
your face to happy from morose.

Monday, September 28, 2009


It’s a thing of beauty
an absolute kill-joy,
the way I can miss we;
my fingers in your palm,
forehead at your chin,
intertwined, comfortably nestling,
there’s a li’l something we’re growing.
Early morning stretch routines
to moonlight dance dreams;
at each step, foretold, we meet
absorbing, melting, observing
as one surge, another greets.
Never stopping, everlasting
In a single heart beat,
a lifetime’s worth of living.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of yore

Come away with me
to world without keys,
where door have no locks
through windows, only breeze.
Sky above, earth at knee,
deep feelings of familiarity.
A knell doth ring
Thrice it sings
Each peal a name tolls.
Once bitten, twice shy
yet this feeling never lies.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The block

The mind waits as my heart blurs
A strange sort of writer’s block,
a different time and turn
Up, over the brim and cascading
yet there ain’t a word to sing.
An almost impalpable calm,
the same as that before a storm.
Draw me nigh and lay me low,
neither word nor will are my own.
As does a state of trance
my mind, you adorn.
Every nook, crevice, floating thought
You claim and readily embellish.
Logically illogical processes
This block likens a caress.

In the end

Nothing extraordinary about this love of ours.
Together we’ve chosen to whittle away the hours.
Hours, days, months and years
in the company of each other,
soon they’ve disappeared.
Yet there’s a constant, unchanging force
binding us together, bringing us close;
when torn apart, we fit like gloves.
The whole may not be smooth,
the parts mayn’t add up,
yet the core remains constant,
in a way, we’ll never change.


Over the seas and mountains so high,
faces, fresh, they blatantly bare,
your features in each stare.
“Come home.”, you say,
peering through those large eyes,
“T’is not a time for questions,
but one for answers”.
Distance, eras and silences,
betwixt us they all lie.
Such is the bond forged,
even through these we sigh,
pondering,wondering why.


You know how it hurts
a deliberate shaft
thrust down my throat.
Ignoring, shoving, throwing away,
mountains of affection
like dirt, swept away.

From the beginning to the end
Like you, none could my heart rend.
A deity, a god on a pedestal,
of adulation, you were never shy.
Cutting any corner to lie,
showing me how love ought to die.

Up, over and brimming,
thoughts of you leave me seething.
Like wind in my teeth, you chatter,
as you speak, the image shatters.
No longer the lord of my podium;
Returned to naught and natter.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


On my heart strings, you play,
tripping, falling and breaking away.
Be gentle, be tender.
You know me like no other.
Like tigress in a storm,
this big cat’s going down.
Smitten, touched, heart wrenched,
a bloodied trophy on your prized shelf.
Don’t shake me so,
nor let me go.
Give me just a little time at hand
Soon I’ll leave you to your sand.

4 liner

Life taught us, love recklessly
Then we learnt to live cautiously.
The wise, they say, glean from mistakes of others?
When did mistakes make a good teacher?

Future, Tense

Be my one night-stand
Be my ever-lasting love
Be the sunshine, the rain,
the very roads and the sky above.

Consider yourself blessed
as would neither rose nor thorn.
Complete me in manner so awakened
Life’s threads never be torn.

Is it possible to converge?
To be as one, to merge?
How will I know, whom do I trust
and build my world, as I must?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Can’t judge the value of a stolen kiss
Nor measure the apprehension in love's bliss.
What joy hath the hour bring?
Sweet and succour, random rancour.
Learn to love, then over-do it
step in slush and out-run it.
Piles of memories in liars of stars
Idyllic sunsets on strands of hair
Guitar strings and beach parties
Everyone’s a special somebody.
Have your eyes found a reasonable match?
The same glazed look, that rude stare?
Only yours can peer deep in those,
where others see nothing but ghosts.
A glint of brown brings emotions alive,
the sun's rays betray the dark side.
Who ever knew how it could occur?
How two souls come to learn 'forever'

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Some seeds of thought should not be sown.
The consequences they reap can't be ignored.
mind-altering, stiffening, sparking fights
these thoughts, they are but human plight.
squish them, squash them, killed at seed,
if one has, in your mind loomed,
be kind enough not to spread the germ.


We all have our share of dreams,
the colossal and the unreal.
Fed, watered and well-kept
yet some, maturity, never get.
A dream is but a willful wish
Until ridden over reality’s streams.
Neither horse nor rider can see ahead,
only odds gleaned from pasts tread.
Such colossal threads we weave,
never checking nor stopping to think.
As life tapestry evolves, so do we.
Fighting breakage and old age
trudging on, making space.
No matter how we wish it be,
for a moment, fulfilled we will never be.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got my feet tapping,
singing a song from my soul.
Wash away my sorrows,
cleanse every pore.
Rhythm takes over reason,
other emotions are quieted.
From the depths within
arises a sound so pure
it can chill to the very bone
A gush of endorphins,
A rush of adrenaline
Break out in happiness and more!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dreams we see with ungrown eyes

Fresh to the world,
Looking about with glee
There's a charm in the air,
A glow everywhere.
To peeled, expectant stares
the world sells her wares
Each corner holds opportunity
every heart, a heart of gold.
On first impressions we live,
on first impressions, we're sold.
Living a life that glides
One and all on our side.
We'll change the world,
we'll show you yet!
These dreams we see
With ungrown eyes.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Melty, sugary and tender
in your mouth, works wonders.
Deliciously cold on a sunny day,
pleasure to eat during winter’s stay.
A pleasant tingly sensation
gets you happy and jumping.
The joy of sweet sweet nothings
slowly going down your throat.
Gently it unclenches the tightest fist
Swimming through clamped veins
Divulging it’s secrets in the process.
A little ice cream goes a long way.

Broken glass

The equations have changed,
me and you, we’re not the same.
Perhaps it would last longer,
had we tried stronger;
maybe to be, t’was meant never.
I don’t really need you,
I know you don’t me,
yet at togetherness, we attempt.
Start in the hope of something special,
treasure each word down to its serif.
Conflicting thoughts knocking.
Hush them out, show them the door,
for a little while we were alone.
Growing beyond that cooped space,
standing up, straightening out.
Everything looks a bit different now,
now that I am not wearing my glasses.

Deficit demise

You said you need me,
I can see you don’t.
A week has gone by,
you haven’t mourned.
Loss, absence, bereavement.
Grief for a ‘loved’ one gone.
No sign of remorse,
not a hint at fidelity,
in the bat of an eyelid,
all longings are quenched.
It doesn't take long,
shorter than this song,
another hand in a jiffy,
leashed to your web.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Another name on the list.
One more heart amiss.
Scathingly, to false sorrow you admit,
for parting only brings new tomorrows.
I can fathom not what you think.
Is your mind the master of its will?
Deeply besotted in your ways,
saturation leaves me disheartened.
Reveled in the idea of you,
somewhere deeply imprinted inside,
a scar that you may’nt identify;
The only proof that you were here.
Memories can be doctored,
all evidences tampered,
but this fail-safe method,
the fit of your words to my own,
Assails any shallow sense of victory.


Monday to Monday
we keep our mum.
Never saying a word,
not breaching our trust.
Where have we been,
we will not wonder.
Are we going any further?
We’ve [our] hearts bartered.
Poised and picturesque,
A pretty sight we make.
Sore eyes hunt us;
painters portraits create,
as we lay prostrate.
We live on the way we died;
You with your arrow,
me with my song.
Frozen in marble,
Together, we belong.

Friday, July 31, 2009


What is it like?
To not know yourself?
At each footstep you turn,
“Who’s there?”, the question burns.

A little down the way,
seeing things that aren’t there.
Trying not to return
all the stinging stares.

Ambiguous flashes of a life
Whose are they?
Are they even your own?
Thoughts perish at birth

A world so lonesome.
Being there is tiresome.
Liberated from this burden.
Another world, tainted as heaven.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inner voice

How I long to hear your voice,
that simple tremor matching mine.
A little discussion,
lot of procrastination,
a world of conversations to share.
A simple dream,
pedestal-ed in rich cream;
See the world through new eyes.
Mellifluous in depth,
pulling at heart strings.
They ache at memories that sing.
Like a child in a cupboard,
your voice is my scabbard,
to it I, my life, bequeath.
What’s done is gone,
That’s not new or profound,
yet, around you I’m wound.
Call me again.
I won’t falter or restrain,
in your arms once more,
I find myself.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Pencil Box

“Welcome!”, said the pen
“Welcome to our den.
Mind your step,
watch your head!
We’ve a party going on,
Invited one and all.
Have you met Miss Lead?
Sleek, black and pretty,
wooden tresses a-plenty
This is our Ruler.
Indeed a royal and noble measure!
Though Compass can guide you not,
be certain he pin-points a lot!
Eraser has the merriest life,
Socializing with the covers.
Sharpener’s a bit attention-shy.
All he needs is a little time.
Soon enough you’ll met his spiky wits.
The Protractor’s on a trip of her own
360 degrees, all alone!”
“And,” said Miss Lead,
You already know Ink Pen.
Life of the party,
Star of the show;
The very ink in our veins”

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Some days it’s all sunshine
Some days nothing can stop the rain.
Other times you really wonder,
Why life’s never the same?

Dollops of ice-cream
Tons of chocolatey goo.
A smattering of play things,
Many old friends too.

The signal’s gone red to green.
Some memories tender, some requiem.
Life rolls on like a deafening thunder
Snap out of it, pull yourself together.

Let our yesterdays be our grounding
Today’s the air we breathe.
Every minute forged ahead
is a tomorrow, fresh and real.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Li'l dog, lotta love

Sweet, sweet and tender,
My puppy, you make me wonder.
How can your love be so strong?
Glad life’s done you no wrong
A wag so joyous,
it uplifts your being
A bark so jovial,
it lightens up many emotions.
Merry little strides you take,
Spreading cheer with each step.
Little children blossom in your wake
Feet pattering, hearts racing
Everywhere you go.

Pra2 - for you again, a different topic attempted :)

Discovering detachment

It’s been long gone
Since I made the choice
Even forgotten
the weight in your voice.
Not alien to your emotions,
but to your touch, a stranger.
Hard to believe I’d loved you so
When you, I cannot remember.

Friday, July 17, 2009


In her eyes you see flashes,
some of brilliance, some of anger.
A voice that, with it, carries
the wealth of generations’ knowledge.
A sense of the unputdownable,
enveloping as she talks her wares.
Behold her might as she, on you, slowly grows.
A year together, maybe more.
Quite enough time to play, laugh, learn.
The seed of gratefulness is sown.
In the beginning you did not know it.
Nearer the end,
not enough ways to show it.

at the behest of a good friend, this is an attempt to write poetry on a topic other than my usual [emotions]...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My friend, the end

Trust me slowly
As I lose trust in you.

Bind me to me
I break free and loose.

Jump off a cliff
I’ll watch as far as you go.

Run an empty mile
I stay still as you go.

Draw down the shutters

Floating in clouds of make believe
Ground’s fallen from under my feet.
Sun shines down so brilliant
On a world that no longer sings.

Words and phrase are influential.
Sweet nothings match random shine.
For while just flying high,
greeted by an ungrateful smile.

A bit cheated and a lot squandered.
Dreams are tender things, don’t let them wander.
Sold before even seeing them, I gather!
On a month, a lifetime, draw down the shutters.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Breaking the habit

I’m breaking the habit.
It’s tough and it’s hurting.
Need you out of my system.

Every waking hour in your midst.
You said ‘Never a moment of bliss’.
What was it you spoke of?
Rubbishing romance and the first kiss.

Why did I hang on?
It’s a lone wolf I’m looking at.
What was I thinking?
Wolfs are not human beings.

A light laugh, chatter-filled nights.
From myself I was estranged.
A strange, new awareness; new sensations.
A renewed dash of hope, faith.

I’m breaking the habit.
You’ve got me roughed and smarting.
heart on sleeve that I’m sporting.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little girl

Returning home with a heavy heart
How she wished to live another part.
Into a fresh new life, to awake with a start.
This one was’s blooming
Nor had it lost its shine.
Yet somewhere along the way,
She’d traded her heart for mind.

Hey little girl, where have you been?
My memories of you stem from within.
Hey little girl, flash me your smile.
If we play hopscotch, will you stay a while?
Hey little girl tell me your secret?
Are we each other, why do we connect?

Running to corners, will we desire heaven?
A weighty term, resting lightly on your shoulders.
Mountains of expensive joys, thrust vainly at you.
Never as much fun as cartons and sticky glue.
You value as taught, to tell good from not.
From you I learn again, not all is good that’s bought.
A smile, a hug and a few hours away whiled.

My little girl, where have you been?
It’s been too long, come, make me shine.
Hey little girl, flash me your smile.
Light up my world, no pennies or dimes.
Hey little girl, tell me your secret
You let me in and I did not even know it.


Often I feel the words gush out of me
Much like a river; a poem, an essay, a stream.
Dancing through my eyes,
making me squirm and squeam.
Can’t find a buncha keys, neither pen nor paper to absorb ink
Teasing me in their lucidity
Changing pace with alacrity
A phrase once made,
Never to return,
Nothing is the same again.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

3 short ones

Sing like you’re more than just blind
Soar like you’ve only just met the sky
The joy of not knowing is truly bliss
To love, fall, hurt and again, begin


Nothing more than a cycle,
The ups, downs and flat-out plateaus
Attempting to live all life
In not less than a few seconds.


Can not fathom where this leads.
Today is only here and now
Yesterday’s best forgotten
All we’re left with is you and me
and the strange reality we're leading.



The breeze gently brushes by
It’s into your arms that I fold.
In the way the wind kisses me
I know your lips mine hold.
Slow and sweet
High and lifting
In a another plane
We are existing
Never meeting, yet as one
Together we shall
whether this storm.
Still only a craving
you have me in knots.
Never having known you
yet all these thoughts.
Hold me tight, spin me loose
Love me like we have nothing to lose
Be only mine
I can only be yours
Another life, another time
may never us cross.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life, clouds and voices abound

Floating in the clouds,
will you bring me down
or come up to join me?
I see a speck in the sky,
and will your face to it.
Hear the sound of the wind,
listen to your voice within!
euphoric rises in a tiny space...
This tiny space, the core
of all that went before.
How much more can it take?
You'll be surprised at its space.
Many memories lie in wait
to be evoked by you today
Tomorrow's yet another day
More life is definitely headed our way.

Monday, June 22, 2009

An instrument, a means, a love...

Got a juke box on my shoulders
And a shuffle button for a heart.
Can’t decide for the life of me
Is it you that I love, need, want?

A little attention lifts my spirits
Got me grinning like an idiot.
Ear to ear I stretch my smile.
Stopped counting the dreams jumping o’er the stile

Have I loved you a life before?
With you, walked many miles?
These images etched in my brain
Dreams, or life memories I can’t reclaim?

Will you be mine once more this time?
Can this love absolve all crime
of those that went before us?
Tomorrow perhaps, is our unison wondrous.

I’m a guitar, you’re the strings
Learning chord by chord
Soon enough noise will be sound
No-one can tell us apart, me and you, entwined, bright.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Passing wonder

I yearn to hear your voice.
So sweetly you do meld to mine
Miles apart, yet we are one
When will you come?
My dreams, you must know,
Are now getting out of my ears
It’s not a simple thing.
This love, it’s driving me up walls
I fear opening even a window
Lest I let out a penny of thoughts
Left in the wild, they’d only grow.
Dwarfed by you already.
Wild thoughts might set me loose.
What do you even know?
Every word you say, I treasure.
Each syllable is a pleasure.
Never before have I thus surrendered
To nothing but a passing wonder!

One, yet none

An odd rush of blood
Waiting for a sign of the flood
Dousing me in thoughts of you.
Not much, just a word or two
Leaping and flying,
hanging on for more.
Not an intellectual,
Not even a guru.
A hand-crafted connection
Sparks at each intersection
Thrust together, we can not merge
Situations created by man, not earth,
Draws a line, oddly severed.
Centuries, religions and gastronic bents behold
We are one and yet we none.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost Weekends

Feel like today's Friday
Dancing moons of whey
were today really Friday
I'd borrow a god's head
what happened to Saturday, Sunday?
haven't realised, it's Monday!
Help me find my weekends?
I don't know where I lost them.

written on a Wednesday :)


Here and waiting,
for you to call,
for the bell to toll.
This summer heat
It deludes me so.
Peaking in a frenzy
The Sun is to descend.

The earth is waiting
a chance to resurrect.
Engulfed in the purity of the sun.
Fused together, not forever
parting ways as feathers.
Taking form again
in the leaden rain.

Once surrendered
Given all in.
Belonging together
Sparring like twins
A gentle dance
A pressurized calm
Around an absent fire.
A knot joins us
Me and my summer.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The cushiony nerve!

You make it so easy
Falling back to you
There is no game
A cushion’s the same.
Welcoming every change
With a softness that stays the same.

Why don’t you fight it?
This urge to merge
It’s not right,
It’s not done.
What cannot be is not fun.
Yet the coziness will not leave
Into your arms, I do me weave.
I know not what tomorrow will seem
But for today I sigh in this dream.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

As one.

Ground's pulled from under my feet.
Breathing, now suspended.
All I can feel is a sense of wonder.
What does it mean I ponder.
Eyes full of just one sight.
God never made any angle the same.
Full of you, the way you smile,
quirky thoughts, each glance and sigh.
the sweet nothings I thought you said
the times we wandered and almost met.
2 moths around a sun-bright flame
with you, I'll go down
over and over again.
Perhaps it is to rise once more.
Not a phoenix from it's ashes,
but wholly together as one, not more.

For you.

Who is it that you wait for?
Why does the cage shake so?
A wish, nothing more than a dream
with it, come so many memories.
Events that haven't happened
A happiness I have yet to see
locked away, lost keys.
Trapped in a golden coop,
lay a heart beat frozen.
Wired to die
Geared to live
It fights these two precipices.
From afar it can not be,
Up close, it's too real.
The vision of a diamond
out in the rough
scarred, flawed,
yet mine to behold.
The joy of as one melding
ours will never be,
and yet for you,
I'd stamp all the flowers
draw out every power
drag myself to my knees.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Settling like mist
Slowly you begin,
Covering ground in wet advances
The bonus of summer
The bane of blocked sewers,
You’re all that’s sweet-smelling
Mood-lifting and love.
Every drop, it does remind me
The ecstasy of quenched thirst.
Swallowed by the earth you fall to
Released as a perfume pulsating.
As temperatures drop
heart-beats go wilder.

Monday, June 01, 2009

liquid or solid, most yum!

Ah the pleasure!
A month of wait.
Dark, sweet nectar
has me in raptures.
Immortal bliss.
This cascading temptation
can melt any reservations
Coating hesitations that affront.
A deep sigh escapes me...
Cocoa springs jubilee
for a sweet tooth's soul!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

minute a mile

Peep n go
Make me smile
Watching you
Watching me
It’s all pink n fluffy
And yes, it’s cotton candy!
Weaving dreamy threads
A melted feeling
Anticipation and dread
A fearsome combination
But ah! The palpitation!
Crazy bees’ knees
The pressure’s giving way
Buckling in, drunken sway
I smile a shiny smile
My heart runs a-minute-a-mile

In search of...

Zapped, it's amazing how airless
it leaves you, self-confidence.
Memories of another lifetime
No dark alleyways,
Every turn, an opportunity.
Losses are alarming,
this one more so.
When the fearless learn fright
and the straight-backed slouch,
the sun looses a chunk of its sheen.
Yet its heat beats down,
for the proud chests that it once met,
now nothing but weak, spineless behinds.
Staring at the ground, hoping
find again that which was lost.
Shattered fragments of a seed are sown.
Will it once more grow whole?

Monday, May 25, 2009

10 minutes

You read it, didn’t you?
Did it take your breath away?
If you say yes, will you stay?
Don’t pound your head so,
this isn’t a quiz round.

I’ve asked you before?
Made the very same sounds?
Sorry sir, but I just don’t remember
Haven’t we’ve only met 10 minutes ago?

Love makes the world go round!

A quaint silence amongst a crowd
Spinning, the euphoric sounds
Its love that makes my world go round

Yellow, blue and soft beige-greens
I soak myself in my dreams
Looking, seeping, into your eye’s beam

Are you pretty, aren’t you sweet
it was just one look at you
Living now in every nerve and sinew

Elated, all is well.
You held my hand
I feel swell!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Package Deal

I’ve got em dry eyes
though I look at you, I can't cry
Even so, oh no, it's you I despise.
When the clouds are up,
and the moon's shut shop,
staring into the blue,
gold strands captivate me.
Lifted as though in a dream
biscotti flowers and marmalade streams.
You, with nothing but a vicious l'il gleam
stung my appetite, wasn’t that extreme?
If this is ever-after,
is happily included?
When I last heard ‘em squeal
They said t’is a package deal!”

Friday, May 15, 2009

dead weight

T'is a strange feeling
so dull and dead weight.
this gloom, it will not lift
what is destiny, is this fate?
I can not clip my wings
how the thought of it does hurt
but I've tied my heart down
loook, it can not sing.
What is life, if it can not be music
like a lizard's tail
thrashing long after it has left
I leave my outer shell
return to the depths of darkness
from whence this distraction came.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heart break

I hear it crack,
I can only sway,
is this how it feels
when your heart breaks?

Torn and sundered,
B’ween the devil and the deep sea
To whom do I surrender?
I can only forget me.

Why must this
be the only way?
Do show me some love.
Tell me there’s another way.

For you I’d give up my dearest.
Only to turn around, feel the pangs.
What have I done I wonder,
to tear me with my own hands.

Washed up and drowned away
In a sea of emotions,
your words hold sway
slowly, but surely chipping my heart away.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Will it? Will you? Will I?

Tell me it’ll be okay.
It’s been a while since I felt this way.
Now that it’s come,
this feeling, it just won’t go.
There’s a reservoir being held at bay.
I need a hug
and a carefree soar.
Weighed down by too much
and then some more.
Promises are just fine,
Expectations are alright.
It’s their gap from the heart
That’s making it all sore.

Monday, May 04, 2009

lucid imaginings

What’s he waiting for?
The sun to shine?
Well, it won’t turn out baby,
It’s half past nine
Did you really think
you’re the only one gathering
mystique, fallen glory
and bits of sunshine?
In this twilight of green,
you look for all that’s red
Summery, airy, jiggling lights.
Fireflies in the day
Glowing for a lark
In thick of a dull haze.
Yes, this is my world,
at my command.
Here you’ll find
the very corners of my mind,
mapped, pinned and written down.
Watch your step!
Mind your head!
Lest you end up hitting yourself
There’s much of me
making it’s way around.
Distorting, engaging, contorting
throwing you around in turns.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

gold digger, maneater, heart breaker!

gold digger, man-eater, heart breaker
she's out to get you
the cops will never find her
moral codes just ain’t her style,
when you see her,
she'll blow away your mind
even sirens are silenced
while testosterone crys.
You'd never know what hit you
'til it's force deserts you.
In the aftermath of the storm,
you, left around, lying about
mangled beyond hope.
she got you, yes she did,
gold digger, man-eater heart breaker.
You invited her in.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

4 liner

Don't judge 'em by the clothes they wear.
Not even by the words they spar.
T'is but an omen, this thought,
of one who is full, yet is naught

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mouthful, fistful, earful.

I want to write
about these words.
They dance, they tease
They spring from corners
with themselves mighty pleased,
quickly disappearing before you catch 'em.
This inability to capture is loathsome
The words, they're running through my head
but refusing pen and paper dictum.
Here I bend, my mind’s so Zenned
I find the keys clicking.
The words, they won’t come.
The finger-tapping, un-ending.
All I want is a poem.

’nuf said and much more done.
Thought and deed represent themselves.
The missing musketeer tried his tricks,
trapped in a world of logic.
T'is indeed strange,
a difference of statue and clay,
when stringing words for a poem
how one hems about.
Emails seem like strays.
A hashed attempt at vocabulary,
Severely fraught with the unmeaningful.
“I do appreciate your extraordinary concern,
but I must aver that it is unwarranted.
The cause of trepidation
is but a minor point d’jour.
While we recognize the value of your unease,
Rest assured that this disquiet is unfounded.”
Too many words and no soul.

Friday, March 13, 2009


The feelings I touch when you look through me.
The fire that burns when you brush me by.
Every word you say’s in my mind’s eye.
Take me, love me, or at least pretend.
There’s something about you that never ends.
Its starts with every letter you write,
Runs through each word you say.
Doesn’t end in your silence
But finds its death in your eyes.
Arisen from its fall, there it awakens.
New, fresh and stronger than before.
Suddenly even words are too little,
Their meanings are limited,
Captured and pinned down.
Running past every emotion,
Trying to slow down,
Showing me all that you want to say
Nearly succeeding, swaying my psyche.
Yet you feel its not enough,
You say if you were a spear,
You’d be deep in my soul.
Smirking as you spit it out,
You revel in my sorrow.

wrote this one a very one time ago...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Unseeing Child

Have you ever seen a thousand smiles
explode all as one.
Sorrow altogether swept away
to the thrumming beats of joy.

A twinkle in unseeing eyes,
Parted lips, wide, beaming smiles.
Giggles, they erupt, with memories
of sunshine and a mother's touch

The sway of a tyre hung on a tree,
The feel of sand and gravel under one's feet,
The cleansing cool of a running stream.

These eyes, they can see,
A hug can brighten the dullest face.
The flutter of eyelashes invites goose bumps.
And how a simple whisper
can leave behind a world of wonder.

Ask them, for they know,
how precious a little love is.
They have full measure of each word and touch
Reckoned up and treasured away for a winter's day.

Sunny warmth on dimpled cheeks,
Grassy footprints where ever they leap.
The eyes of an unseeing child
They see more than we.

These are the eyes of the unseeing child
Boldly living an explorer's life.
Each scent is a discovery,
Every utterance brings knowledge.
A touch can change the world.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is this all that we've left
After all the prayers have been said.
Perhaps it's too much for asking
Even as i wonder, my soul has fled.
There is a distinct place I remember
Wise in it's grace
It lent it's grace to actions
And it's passage as time migrated.
As the arkship drew closer,
the pages of the book sped by.
Those prayers got us thus far
Did we ask for at the beginning of time

Thursday, January 22, 2009

love song :)

You brush me by,
I hear the leaves sigh...
Looking up at the sky,
Watching you smile
The wind, it carries
a fragrance that can only be yours.
The arms of my jacket embrace
Just as though they're your own.
I know you're not far away...
Yet, for your touch I long.
The clock's been ticking much,
Much too slowly today.