Friday, April 18, 2008

who, but me, a spectator to your strife.
a mishapen result of poorly given advice.
arms flailing, a mind so wild.
harnesses unfurl, fury's another a mite.
shackle, bond and salve me
iron fists wring out my feet.
once a giver, now a receiver
of all this pain i greet.

Monday, April 07, 2008

It’s the middle of the night,
Baby’s singing her song
Dirty nappies n’ powdered milk,
Where’s my mamma gone.
Daddy-o-daddy, why ain’t you here
Please change me my nappies,
why’s my skin getting blotchy…
But he’s too busy,
Cold beers and foosball,
Got the stereo on full blast
Drowning out the kid’s call
Damn that kid,
Wailing since ma woman’s gone,
It’s all she’s left me, a baby and a song
Looted, plundered, smacked n’ mashed
Whatisit at first sight…Just a load of trash.
Six months of romance, one marriage later
Two years of scrap.
Brawled, battled, battered n’ bruise
Left me with the kid,
Took ma best friend on a cruise.

wrote this one for a copy test...abt a year and a half ago....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

strangers and mobile phones

Today I was faced with one of the weirdest incidents to have ever happened to me.

It is customary for men to ogle, whipping out their mobile phone cameras to get a shot or two of that reasonably good looking girl. I have, on occasion, whipped out camera film and even frighhtened the daylights out of a few guys.

What paralysed me was when a girl 'sneakily' took pictures. It shook me. I was left feeling like absolute crap for not having whipped away her mobile and deleting those photos and videos.

Broad as daylight, she was sitting opposite me, albeit a bench behind. In my customary fashion, as it is with most people, I was listening to music in the 20 or 25 minutes it takes me to reach office. She was your average girl, clad in a salwar kameez, hair pulled back tight, sitting demurely in the corner.

Owing to my prior experience, I tend to be wary in public. I noticed her 'secretly' taking a picture and immediately blocked my face with my hand. I even shifted to a well guarded corner. The eye stopped for a while.

In order to get off my ride, I had to come back to my old position, which was right next to the door. Out came the mobile and the flashlight was switched on. I was completely freaked and got out in a hurry.

Guys stop when they get nasty stares. What does one do with women like these? Clobber them? Snatch their phones? Probably the next time 'round I will. For a first time experience, this was rather scary; more so because she seemed to be about the same age as me.