Friday, September 03, 2010

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget
Maybe a wig, a smile, a mind-set
Apprehensive is the word
For every form I take

Don't take off your rose-tint glasses
They're the only way to live.
Once off, you only see ashes
Shades of grey, structures collapsing.

Not cement nor steel or man-made,
Of dreams  they are fabricate.
Built on belief
Destroyed by regret
A part of you wasted

Sometimes I forget
To stay happy, must race ahead
No peace I find
Even pillow 'neath my head

Heavy heart find a dark place
When none other can fathom fate
Over-whelmed in sadness I turn to thee
Wearing my mask, smiling, pretending

Sometimes I forget, You see me
What I am and where I could be
Rescue plans stand thwarted
My head in your palms, solace.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleep and change

Deep deep sleep…
A heady feeling creeps,
pulling me down under
into the land of slumber

Nothingness is BIG there,
space for numbing breaks.
Like a galaxy of nonentities
together seeking a haze.

Awaken as though from dead
Ah! Such a clear head!
Refreshed for another day,
new in every day!

Such the power of change,
over sleep it dawns and wanes.
A trail lingering, recognizable,
Of things from now and then.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Oh! how my blood boils!
All is lost in sweat and toil.
Not a penny earned,
but much time soiled.
Again, find myself foiled.

Like any machine, over time
loosing it's charm,
needing much oil.
To maintenance, everyone's entitled
as much as they'd like to wangle.

Give a man poison, he will die.
Yet, in that, another nectar finds.
No two people are the same.
Prescriptions for poison change.
As does the expert's adage.

Human interests are like stocks.
Must name benefits of the game.
Mere worksheets aren't enough.
Meeting expectations, unrewarded.
Watch the value fall.

Once you've hit rock bottom,
no reason seems good enough.
Gone down with a fight.
dis-invested, now move on.
Other alternatives beckon.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Moonlit nights

No rings to be heard,
nor a light undeserved,
when darkness falls,
she sets much straight.

Pretty full moons on
sultry summer nights.
Starry companions
shine with all might.

Beams that brighten,
Corners once forgotten,
Not a word maybe whispered,
Never know what's interrupted.

Jeweled skies gently hang,
as the earth rises to greet her,
O lady in the sky, round and fair,
Do stay a while and greet us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The love potion

Holding back yet reeling
A sleepy, sleepy feeling
High on dreaming
The power of believing
Dreams come true
And oh so well
A smile, a glance
A telling sigh
Warm and misty
Delightful reverie
Lost in thoughts
Of when and why
Might the clock never tick
But the breeze gently blow
Might the hours never move
But time grow more.
Slowly absolving
Like a drop in an ocean
Not falling, but rising
The love potion.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Real Dreams

Gently floating in a land of dreams
Sometimes no reality’s to be seen
Wake me not yet, let me believe
In soft-spoken people and tenderness
From its pedestals, loftiness alights
Mingling as one with our souls
Softly we rise, signaling a soar
Watch the seagulls and turtle doves
Perfect skies shine down on us
As calm tree tops brush by
Gathering flowers, ravishing splendour
Fragrance tempts the skin
Sweet and soothing
A touch can be moving
When you’re all I have within
My outer shell stands for that
A shield against the bad
The rest’s now your core
I can see us grow
Together mostly, at times not so
Awakening to real dreams.

Two Penny Person

Just another two penny person,
Smile on her face,
Brain on the wane.
It’s easy to watch flowers wilt
No-one cares, they become silt.
That’s all that’s meant to be
Of genius and creativity.
Bottled wrong, presented worse
A mire of deep recesses lurk.
Here I sit, at a desk pondering
What will happen to our lady dangling
By the edge of her patience,
[and it’s a long thread]
At the corner of her seat
No longer afraid of the darkness.
If she leaps, and I dare say she will,
What black hole she’s falling through
Any dark sea of cushions to huff onto?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paper heaven

Was it just yesterday?
A 48 hour Sunday…
Nothing to do
but gaze out to the yonder.
Just you, just me,
a few books, mugs of tea.

A layered parody,
shameless display of luxury,
pulses rage as pages pace.
Paper cuts drown in ice
while minds are fictitiously drenched
reams of imaginations magnificent!

A good day it was,
that 48 hour Sunday.
Raining sheets
melt on the window pane.
Cushy seats, mugs of tea
and pages and pages of heaven.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The pause.

can't find my sunshine,
drowned in sweeping rain!
what joy to talk of,
when simplicity is a cloy?
smoothly nursing
old, open wounds.
a smile one morning,
ragged by evening.
happy thoughts
complicate a lot.
deeply, deathly, dark
in your absence,
my muse and witness
lives a strange silence.
a fallen stance enlivens
every beat as it begins.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It could be...

A smile,
a pretty dimpled smile
My memories
are held up high.
Gently prancing,
sensations unanswered.
Riding high,
a rainbowed sky.
Many horizons
through blinded eyes.
Tomorrows unfold
As we hold our breath.
Gripped so tight,
yet gently we lie
in this bower of dreams,
hoping it could be.