Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Pent up inside,
A writing bug lies,
The world swirling in it's eyes.

'Know night nor day',
The storm clouds say,
'But wait a while, please stay'

For such a show
Of wind and storm gale
Very rarely passes this way.

"Hah!" Says our bug,
"What of this rain,
Gales such I face and fie!"

Heart of matter,
Plunging deep,
Swords swing, rhythm brings.

Words stream,
A puzzle pieced
together bit by bit.

A bug resides,
A brain decides,
And words gush forth in tide.

rollercoaster ride

Guts, gumption and glory!
I rushed through in a hurry!
Maybe they followed me?!
But it's a happy thing to see,
In plain sight, there's no misery.
Uphill all the way from here!
Trudging along, looking far & near.
New roles, take heart, hey!
Twisting, turning,
Rollercoaster ride
Drama series have no less a high!
Happy for the good,
Cast away the bad
Pick up yourself,
Get back on the tide!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ambiguous Journey

Some days you feel pretty
Some days are just fine
Then those days that rattle you
Make you hide your face and whine

Not all moods are happy,
Not all moods are sad.
Then there're those that get you
Make you twist and churn inside

Not everything stays up
Nor are there constant lows
All the plateaus that fill the gap
Make you think of the miles to go.