Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Only a decoration for the passage time
adorning those filthy walls of brine.
Beaten hollow, what’s black and blue
where a soul hath now departed.
In a murky depths of night,
when nothing is ever right,
no morning light can shine through.
A scarred face is nothing to this heart
Torn and mauled severely apart.
Too many times bartered,
a love one should not have started.
Trustingly given for nought,
believing “Till death do us apart.”
Unforeseen, a consequence,
shredding the ties that bind us
watching Joy take her course
your face to happy from morose.

Monday, September 28, 2009


It’s a thing of beauty
an absolute kill-joy,
the way I can miss we;
my fingers in your palm,
forehead at your chin,
intertwined, comfortably nestling,
there’s a li’l something we’re growing.
Early morning stretch routines
to moonlight dance dreams;
at each step, foretold, we meet
absorbing, melting, observing
as one surge, another greets.
Never stopping, everlasting
In a single heart beat,
a lifetime’s worth of living.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of yore

Come away with me
to world without keys,
where door have no locks
through windows, only breeze.
Sky above, earth at knee,
deep feelings of familiarity.
A knell doth ring
Thrice it sings
Each peal a name tolls.
Once bitten, twice shy
yet this feeling never lies.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The block

The mind waits as my heart blurs
A strange sort of writer’s block,
a different time and turn
Up, over the brim and cascading
yet there ain’t a word to sing.
An almost impalpable calm,
the same as that before a storm.
Draw me nigh and lay me low,
neither word nor will are my own.
As does a state of trance
my mind, you adorn.
Every nook, crevice, floating thought
You claim and readily embellish.
Logically illogical processes
This block likens a caress.

In the end

Nothing extraordinary about this love of ours.
Together we’ve chosen to whittle away the hours.
Hours, days, months and years
in the company of each other,
soon they’ve disappeared.
Yet there’s a constant, unchanging force
binding us together, bringing us close;
when torn apart, we fit like gloves.
The whole may not be smooth,
the parts mayn’t add up,
yet the core remains constant,
in a way, we’ll never change.


Over the seas and mountains so high,
faces, fresh, they blatantly bare,
your features in each stare.
“Come home.”, you say,
peering through those large eyes,
“T’is not a time for questions,
but one for answers”.
Distance, eras and silences,
betwixt us they all lie.
Such is the bond forged,
even through these we sigh,
pondering,wondering why.


You know how it hurts
a deliberate shaft
thrust down my throat.
Ignoring, shoving, throwing away,
mountains of affection
like dirt, swept away.

From the beginning to the end
Like you, none could my heart rend.
A deity, a god on a pedestal,
of adulation, you were never shy.
Cutting any corner to lie,
showing me how love ought to die.

Up, over and brimming,
thoughts of you leave me seething.
Like wind in my teeth, you chatter,
as you speak, the image shatters.
No longer the lord of my podium;
Returned to naught and natter.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


On my heart strings, you play,
tripping, falling and breaking away.
Be gentle, be tender.
You know me like no other.
Like tigress in a storm,
this big cat’s going down.
Smitten, touched, heart wrenched,
a bloodied trophy on your prized shelf.
Don’t shake me so,
nor let me go.
Give me just a little time at hand
Soon I’ll leave you to your sand.

4 liner

Life taught us, love recklessly
Then we learnt to live cautiously.
The wise, they say, glean from mistakes of others?
When did mistakes make a good teacher?

Future, Tense

Be my one night-stand
Be my ever-lasting love
Be the sunshine, the rain,
the very roads and the sky above.

Consider yourself blessed
as would neither rose nor thorn.
Complete me in manner so awakened
Life’s threads never be torn.

Is it possible to converge?
To be as one, to merge?
How will I know, whom do I trust
and build my world, as I must?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Can’t judge the value of a stolen kiss
Nor measure the apprehension in love's bliss.
What joy hath the hour bring?
Sweet and succour, random rancour.
Learn to love, then over-do it
step in slush and out-run it.
Piles of memories in liars of stars
Idyllic sunsets on strands of hair
Guitar strings and beach parties
Everyone’s a special somebody.
Have your eyes found a reasonable match?
The same glazed look, that rude stare?
Only yours can peer deep in those,
where others see nothing but ghosts.
A glint of brown brings emotions alive,
the sun's rays betray the dark side.
Who ever knew how it could occur?
How two souls come to learn 'forever'