Monday, May 25, 2009

Love makes the world go round!

A quaint silence amongst a crowd
Spinning, the euphoric sounds
Its love that makes my world go round

Yellow, blue and soft beige-greens
I soak myself in my dreams
Looking, seeping, into your eye’s beam

Are you pretty, aren’t you sweet
it was just one look at you
Living now in every nerve and sinew

Elated, all is well.
You held my hand
I feel swell!


  1. Very cute Faru...for a minute I thought you might have given up on men and crossed onto the other side - i think it was somewhere around the words 'Are you pretty...aren't you sweet' :)

  2. Wow!!! Awesoem didnt know you wrote Poetry... Tooooooo gooood :-)

  3. @ jun: *takes a bow*

    @shai wai: say WHAT???!!! LOL

    @Piggy: ah well, i do write...thanks piggy! :D


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