Tuesday, May 26, 2009

minute a mile

Peep n go
Make me smile
Watching you
Watching me
It’s all pink n fluffy
And yes, it’s cotton candy!
Weaving dreamy threads
A melted feeling
Anticipation and dread
A fearsome combination
But ah! The palpitation!
Crazy bees’ knees
The pressure’s giving way
Buckling in, drunken sway
I smile a shiny smile
My heart runs a-minute-a-mile

In search of...

Zapped, it's amazing how airless
it leaves you, self-confidence.
Memories of another lifetime
No dark alleyways,
Every turn, an opportunity.
Losses are alarming,
this one more so.
When the fearless learn fright
and the straight-backed slouch,
the sun looses a chunk of its sheen.
Yet its heat beats down,
for the proud chests that it once met,
now nothing but weak, spineless behinds.
Staring at the ground, hoping
find again that which was lost.
Shattered fragments of a seed are sown.
Will it once more grow whole?

Monday, May 25, 2009

10 minutes

You read it, didn’t you?
Did it take your breath away?
If you say yes, will you stay?
Don’t pound your head so,
this isn’t a quiz round.

I’ve asked you before?
Made the very same sounds?
Sorry sir, but I just don’t remember
Haven’t we’ve only met 10 minutes ago?

Love makes the world go round!

A quaint silence amongst a crowd
Spinning, the euphoric sounds
Its love that makes my world go round

Yellow, blue and soft beige-greens
I soak myself in my dreams
Looking, seeping, into your eye’s beam

Are you pretty, aren’t you sweet
it was just one look at you
Living now in every nerve and sinew

Elated, all is well.
You held my hand
I feel swell!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Package Deal

I’ve got em dry eyes
though I look at you, I can't cry
Even so, oh no, it's you I despise.
When the clouds are up,
and the moon's shut shop,
staring into the blue,
gold strands captivate me.
Lifted as though in a dream
biscotti flowers and marmalade streams.
You, with nothing but a vicious l'il gleam
stung my appetite, wasn’t that extreme?
If this is ever-after,
is happily included?
When I last heard ‘em squeal
They said t’is a package deal!”

Friday, May 15, 2009

dead weight

T'is a strange feeling
so dull and dead weight.
this gloom, it will not lift
what is destiny, is this fate?
I can not clip my wings
how the thought of it does hurt
but I've tied my heart down
loook, it can not sing.
What is life, if it can not be music
like a lizard's tail
thrashing long after it has left
I leave my outer shell
return to the depths of darkness
from whence this distraction came.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heart break

I hear it crack,
I can only sway,
is this how it feels
when your heart breaks?

Torn and sundered,
B’ween the devil and the deep sea
To whom do I surrender?
I can only forget me.

Why must this
be the only way?
Do show me some love.
Tell me there’s another way.

For you I’d give up my dearest.
Only to turn around, feel the pangs.
What have I done I wonder,
to tear me with my own hands.

Washed up and drowned away
In a sea of emotions,
your words hold sway
slowly, but surely chipping my heart away.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Will it? Will you? Will I?

Tell me it’ll be okay.
It’s been a while since I felt this way.
Now that it’s come,
this feeling, it just won’t go.
There’s a reservoir being held at bay.
I need a hug
and a carefree soar.
Weighed down by too much
and then some more.
Promises are just fine,
Expectations are alright.
It’s their gap from the heart
That’s making it all sore.

Monday, May 04, 2009

lucid imaginings

What’s he waiting for?
The sun to shine?
Well, it won’t turn out baby,
It’s half past nine
Did you really think
you’re the only one gathering
mystique, fallen glory
and bits of sunshine?
In this twilight of green,
you look for all that’s red
Summery, airy, jiggling lights.
Fireflies in the day
Glowing for a lark
In thick of a dull haze.
Yes, this is my world,
at my command.
Here you’ll find
the very corners of my mind,
mapped, pinned and written down.
Watch your step!
Mind your head!
Lest you end up hitting yourself
There’s much of me
making it’s way around.
Distorting, engaging, contorting
throwing you around in turns.