Friday, October 30, 2009


It’s like insight
from the other side.
Watch the wheels turning
crushing out my song.
Can only look on,
as it all goes wrong.
Though casually mentioned
it’s never ignored.
Each syllable uttered
has the power of form.
A meticulous sand castle,
stomped out by the rain.
There is certainly a better way!
To carve in stone,
to forever relay
my goals, my ideals
and never give way.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Associate

Never one to remember dates,
Around you I see that change.
From tom-boy to girl-woman,
For you, I pause, rewind and change a bit.
Grown to be the girl I’ve never been.
Learning to love the homely gleam,
You make me cook,
You make me brave,
Be all that a man craves.
How do I understand you?
As simple as it seems,
Am I complete without your dreams?
Where I throw a withering stare,
There I feel you heart’s sad glare.
Each time you bide your while
Waiting for the return of tide
From breadwinner to making the same,
For you, complete the entire range.
Not just your wife,
Certainly not your slave.
But your mistress, lover, everything.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


‘You’ll never understand’, said he,
‘It’s beyond your capacity.’
Wonder if he’s ever tried
seeing the world from my side.
I don’t know pain as would he;
probably have more than he sees.
Running like clockwork,
I have a system clean.
Any sign of trouble,
it gives me a scream.
All left high and dry:
a tiny prick on his side.
Acid, on my skin streams,
my world in smithereens,
till the last moment,
I reserve my breath,
holding out for you;
that you mayn’t tread
on your own dreams and sweat.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forever Gardens

She grows hearts in her garden,
a dozen a bunch, a sneeze and pardoned.
She grows hearts in her garden,
can’t be allergic there ain’t no pollen.
She grows hearts in her garden,
to gift at every parting.

So she says, “There isn’t an end,
these hearts, they keep coming.
As along as I live,
s’long I love,
and my heart’s always expanding.”

Here, she gone now,
a physical presence no more.
Yet her hearts live on,
spread all over,
releasing little love showers
each day, each hour.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking, forging ahead

When did you let go?
I hadn’t noticed until I wasn’t sure.
Thought there was some backing,
a cushion I could fall back on.
Too late I realized I was
relying on memories, past ghosts.

Why am I still waiting?
All along you were amiss.
The first time I learnt
how to embrace this dearth;
understanding emotion again
in this light I shed, my own.

When did I turn my back to the sun?
Lingering in your shadow, now the light hurts.
Soon I know I must face it,
the light; the knowledge that comes with it.
Not a hand to hold, nor shoulder support
know I can, I will, forge ahead without you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The city's nightly make-over

Friday’s new movie
Shows its colours by night
In the wee hours of the day,
The city’s a working sight

Men on lamp-posts
Men on scaffolds
Men on tip-toes
working, all night long

Tar a-boiling, gravel gnashing,
The roar of a power drill.
Deep channels are made
The earth’s surface, above and within

New roads are laid,
Old posters are slain.
Where there were faucets,
There are now parades.

Terrace party throwers
To beach-side dwellers
Can only sigh and watch
As the civic tide turns.

Bit by bit, as the world awakes
Something has gone, something remains.
By night, the city rustles up
a spanking new facade.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


So pretty and pink,
that balloon on the brink!
Her little palm and fingers,
curling, holding on, so ginger!

Grey monkeys & white elephants
blue dogs and green cats,
twisty poodles and long-tailed rats,
bumping along, up in the air.

Watch her as she claps in glee!
Letting go each one so slowly.
Gently they float, in to the blue,
finding a place in her heaven so new.

The fall-out

Faraway upon a dream
With wings sprouted
Showing only the cream

A swishing sound
A drop to the ground
Nothing left to reclaim

Sunny meadows and frayed leaves,
animals that toil in the shade ‘neath.
In their midst, a life sprang.

Joyous, abundant, only pure,
this child was raised from noble loam,
the scent of the earth, of the assured.

She knows not dreams nor the sour.
She knows not the gut of furore
Readying to set foot into the unknown.

Now you come, now you shake,
To try and conquer
That which you mislaid.

In my lair, you hath set foot
In my heart, you trembled and shook
Thrown out again and again.

Come not ye hence and again
For such conduct, hath here no residence
No space without or within.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A day in the life.

In the early morning,
though there's much else to do
put my head on my hands
and think about you
Sweetly spurious,
you’ve made my heart goo.
Like a cavity, you’ve dug
all the way through.
Sunny afternoons show their teeth;
despite the intense ardor,
in you, I find shelter
Low in the sky,
the sun shows her side shy.
The evening gets so deary,
I haven’t you for company.
Sun has dipped, the moon is on
Leaving behind a night long.
Wrap your arms around me
For a moment, in love, let us sigh..

Of wishes...

Wish upon a falling star,
Wish upon an eyelash
Wish upon a mail van
Wish upon some fly ash

Wish upon a heady wish
Wish upon each wish
Wish that dreams reality met
Wish each morning, a brighter sun begets

A wish so starry
A wish so high
Were this wish fulfilled,
We'd live a different life