Thursday, December 11, 2008


Just me and my coffee

Here I am,
out on the streets
cold and alone
with no one but my coffee

just one mug full (C)
a few sips of ecstasy
then again, cold and alone,
just my mug and me

wandering through memories,
down roads long forgotten.
a whiff the past lingers on,
like dregs in a cuppa coffee

just one mug full (C)
a few sips of ecstasy
then again, cold and alone,
just my mug and me

a strange aroma binds me,
draws me in on this li'l trip, insanity.
it's where I have been me.
and I wasn't only with my coffee.

so much more, now
dredged away through time.
filtering down
now it's just me and my coffee

I could be anywhere in the world,
on a road, on the streets,
in a club, hitting the beat.
yet tomorrow I know where i'll be

back at home with my coffee

just one mug full (C)
a few sips of ecstasy
then again, cold and alone,
just my mug and me

cousin put a tune to it - listen in to other work by her at

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I wore each one

Until I could bear it no longer,

until they smelt like me

Where did he go?

Just a weekend trip, he said,

to the feilds and back.

He'd then take me for a ride,

He'd see us through these aging times.

Just a weekend trip,

to the feilds with the ol' boys,

awakening some elephantine memories.

The feilds were baited

the elephants, traps

the ol' men, fatally trapped.

I did have a my ride,

the First and last of it's kind

memories of him with me to my grave.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here,even the fences are alive,
breathing the joyous mountain air.
Here them talk, talk to the trees,
Swaying their leaves in the gentle breeze
Chirruping birds respond, as mist meets tea.

Here, in Munnar, heaven has descended.
You're walking on clouds and breathing mrryah
Sheathed in misty aura, complimented by virgin greens.
The perfect setting for a movie scene.

Climbing hills hide sweeping valleys
brimming with Nature's bounty.
Spices abound, as does tea,
A treat indeed for the senses.

come over, refresh, leave the world behind.
A veritable sanctuary for the tired mind.
Clean out your system, reclaim your time,
Come over, refresh & rediscover yourself

Monday, September 15, 2008

We speak in the whispers of the wind,
beckoning our secrets, lighting desires,
In clandestine revelry, we glow.
A sure beginning might well have a planned end,
in this perennial autumn, our love rose and fell.
Even shattered pieces glittered and reflected
of a time long past, of a love long lost.

Not one  moment was lost in finishing,
that which took years to build.
Mountains of sand dissipated by
streams of time carrying sorrow.
Even so, on a cold lonely autumn day,
'Tis not now, but then that I crave for.

Sweet words parry through memories,
howling across perceived pain.
I sift and search for your face
achingly happy, level-headed pace.
Even on a peak, or down in a valley,
'Tis your shoulder my head wishes to grace.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

draw your lines

Draw blanks and fill em with lines.
make 'em meaningful, make 'em fine.

Paper's your life and the pen's your mind,
swirly lines that intertwine, is it about a state of mind?

It's just destiny, mapped your palm.
Make it stick or make it swarm.

Watch sand dunes, ever shifting, changing
never the same but in one place, they always remain.

so pick up that pen and draw your line
perhaps you'll find it reveals you unto thine(self)

Monday, July 21, 2008


tagged by Wicked Whispers Which is to list 6 unspectacular quirks of mine..

1. Always take off my watch, brush my teeth and switch off my phone before sleeping

2. If I must sit in the backseat, it's got to be the right corner.

3. I prefer my finger nails 0.5 cm long

4. I talk to myself and can pretend to be upto 3 people, beyond that, it gets a bit confusing

5. When I tune out, I either drift away [so i get that 'far away' look in my eyes] or i just fall asleep right where I am

6. Very particular about letting dirty feet on my bed

Friday, June 13, 2008

The skin of a mother

Have you ever seen skin
that's grown old well?
It's mottled in bits ,
freckled in specks,
warts asunder, scars and pits.

Have you known skin
that's really lived life?
Lines of laughter,
High archs of fury,
furrowing pathways.
sand dunes and crow's feet.

Have you some skin
that's breathed, been free?
tanned like leather,
soft to touch,
Heaven to kiss,
stretchy, damn good fun!

You never seen another,
like the skin of a mother.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

No one but me

"In this life of others,
I lead one of my own.
traversing through secret sorrows,
hatching big plans of happiness

In this life of others,
I want more for my own;
beyond a roof for shelter,
more of a heart for caring.

In this life of others,
it is I who stands out, aloof.
Not caring for en masse'
but for the sweat of my work.

In this life of others,
money hath much prelavence.
Where twas one lone conspirator,
now, a stealthy abundance.

In this life of others,
a dollar can't buy a thought.
A thought so well-gaurded,
the owner has resigned to secrecy.

Here in this life,
there's no one but me."
A fine concept it is,
close to the hearts of too many.

Friday, April 18, 2008

who, but me, a spectator to your strife.
a mishapen result of poorly given advice.
arms flailing, a mind so wild.
harnesses unfurl, fury's another a mite.
shackle, bond and salve me
iron fists wring out my feet.
once a giver, now a receiver
of all this pain i greet.

Monday, April 07, 2008

It’s the middle of the night,
Baby’s singing her song
Dirty nappies n’ powdered milk,
Where’s my mamma gone.
Daddy-o-daddy, why ain’t you here
Please change me my nappies,
why’s my skin getting blotchy…
But he’s too busy,
Cold beers and foosball,
Got the stereo on full blast
Drowning out the kid’s call
Damn that kid,
Wailing since ma woman’s gone,
It’s all she’s left me, a baby and a song
Looted, plundered, smacked n’ mashed
Whatisit at first sight…Just a load of trash.
Six months of romance, one marriage later
Two years of scrap.
Brawled, battled, battered n’ bruise
Left me with the kid,
Took ma best friend on a cruise.

wrote this one for a copy test...abt a year and a half ago....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

strangers and mobile phones

Today I was faced with one of the weirdest incidents to have ever happened to me.

It is customary for men to ogle, whipping out their mobile phone cameras to get a shot or two of that reasonably good looking girl. I have, on occasion, whipped out camera film and even frighhtened the daylights out of a few guys.

What paralysed me was when a girl 'sneakily' took pictures. It shook me. I was left feeling like absolute crap for not having whipped away her mobile and deleting those photos and videos.

Broad as daylight, she was sitting opposite me, albeit a bench behind. In my customary fashion, as it is with most people, I was listening to music in the 20 or 25 minutes it takes me to reach office. She was your average girl, clad in a salwar kameez, hair pulled back tight, sitting demurely in the corner.

Owing to my prior experience, I tend to be wary in public. I noticed her 'secretly' taking a picture and immediately blocked my face with my hand. I even shifted to a well guarded corner. The eye stopped for a while.

In order to get off my ride, I had to come back to my old position, which was right next to the door. Out came the mobile and the flashlight was switched on. I was completely freaked and got out in a hurry.

Guys stop when they get nasty stares. What does one do with women like these? Clobber them? Snatch their phones? Probably the next time 'round I will. For a first time experience, this was rather scary; more so because she seemed to be about the same age as me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

deja vu

Been a while

Since we’ve had the time,

Each one of us

Let loose and carefree.

Where we are going

And whom are we doing it for

It speaks in our pride

And voluminizes the silence.

Each little silence

Drips with such force

Each minute detail in the floor

Rises to hold the ceiling.

Shattered, sputtering,dying to cave in

the low rise designs hold steady

a high rising, yet crumbling fa├žade.

In the hope of love she conquered many,

Yet ignored the only one treasured.

Deep inside the clockwork kept ticking,

It’s rhythm, bleating a yearning

For days gone by.

Go into the framework,

Look how it holds

cracks soldered, beams nailed.

Here you feel the strength we shared,

the shadows we deem our own.

Like stuck records we return

Rejuvenate and rejoice

Forever looking forward

To a future as beautiful as the past

Monday, January 28, 2008

wholesale race

Maybe it will do, maybe it won't…
The world's a funny place,
people are a funny race.
Not ever knowing their needs, they grace
every store with aplomb and finesse.
Sniff the apples, check the pears,
Choose your soap with paper napkins to spare
Ah! The red scrollers flash Bargains!
Suddenly the aisle’s disappeared
In a sea of bodies, pushing as one,
To reached the elusive haggle on sale.
‘Heave’, they say, ‘Ho! And shift’
You’ve taken your share
Move away, don’t me miff.’
The lady at the counter, she balks
at the mob headed her way,
preparing herself for another
halved prices sale day!