Thursday, December 20, 2012

The College trip

On a trip with girlfriends,
Trying new sports, quite fun!
But for one pit fall...
Everywhere you look,
Lecherous eyes…
Put on your blinders,
Smile smile smile!
Words can be ignored,
Glances left un-noticed,
Some even pretend,
They weren’t brushed against!
The memory won’t go away…
Cycling around an idyllic lake,
Pedaling fast to, respect, save!
A few girls pursued by more boys,
The cat calls jade.
Yet we pretend.
Maybe it’ll fade away.
The wolves belt love songs
As soon as you, them cross.
The deliberate meandering,
An attempt to collide.
The last straw’s prelude:
Rabbits jumping, jeering,
Into our bus as it parks.
On entering Devil’s Point;
A brazen shutterbug snaps!
Tears in her eyes,
Thunder in our hearts!
Clenching his hands,
Unwavering, unafraid.
A show of strength later,
A wrenched roll of film ensures
Never again, never again.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

For Granted

What once elicited
Many a happy warble,
Now barely lifts a smile.

Small little things that
Made a sweet difference,
Presently dig a grave divide.

The same few words
Spoken in diverse tones,
Chronicle a distance, wide.

A long time ago, so precious,
No anymore, not even close.
Sensitively termed ‘Forgotten’.

Why make loss your teacher?
Don’t wait to appreciate
What’s been a support throughout.

Step away from that curb,
Look again, smile, re-value;
Take nothing for granted.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random ditty

Each day I wake up with a smile
The day is mine, the day is mine!

A fresh, new start, on a brand-new path,
The sun doth shine, the sun doth shine!

Strong winds beckon, stirring up dreams,
I can fly, I can fly!

Little ditties come to mind,
let us write, let us write!

The Looking Glass

She stood up and took stock,
Of the world as it were
And those that took notes.
Hers was not to ponder why
Nor to dwell on with sallow eyes.
Hers was to wonder, question,
Act on and stride on, right!

Find a goal and keep it in sight.
Draw up your connector lines,
Leave no ends untied.
Forgive the ignorant,
Liberate the past,
A platform rooted in experience
Is all you need here on.

Keep the back door open
For Change visits every now and then.
Take the suggestions as they come,
Implement only the sensible ones.
This is your life, make it!
Don’t let go, don’t break it.

Thursday, September 06, 2012


Sometimes you have to cry
To let out the hurt welling up inside
Shed a few tears to ease the load
Knowing in faith, the pain will never go

Change is constant, the only ever-lasting
Sweeping in it's path, every memory,
Lambasted, twisted, turned on it's head,
Returned with no more than a sigh.

Hold steady in these daring winds,
Chin up, arms tucked,head held high
Only YOU can envision YOU through
the mad chaotic ensemble termed Life

The Peacock and her mirrors

Fanned out like a peacock
She coo-ed and preened
As though gazing at a mirror
She bedecked her gown sequinned.

Enrapt, her mirrors shone back
They eyes alert just for a byte.
Hanging on to every move
As though they'd miss a strain.

Taking her own sweet time,
"Drummer, guitarist, check!
The mic's jarring, bring another
Before I loose my bearings"

The mirror are restless, roving
And flashing some impatience.
A chant starts up, she hears,
"We want this to begin!"

With a laugh on her lips,
A scarred smirk in her eyes,
Like trapped canary,
She begins to sing...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the one that got away

Crying for what is lost,
Smiling for the same,
And then poker-faced all thorough;
A paradoxical life she leads.

Tomorrow brings hope...
Will it be prettier than today?
Although yesterday’s beauty
Has yet a way to fade.

Look I into dreams
Or memories are these?
The mind boggles and baulks
As the rose tint goes dark.

Yearning for simpler times
When what was mine, was mine.
Now even the next hour seems
As though it is unreal.

Take not the colours from my life,
I seek to see again.
Give me back my happiness
And all that once was mine.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Possible Resurrection

Something’s happened inside,
The writing bug’s not alive.
Slowly, surely, something….
Something gnawed away within.

Once a poetic epicenter,
Now a daunting ruin.
As prose decayed on the lips,
The poet perished within.

No sunny days to laugh about,
Rains don’t break the grimace.
A perpetual haze surrounds it.
Impermeable, time stands still.

A shaft of light yet shines through,
Stabbing cracks in the resilient haze.
Is this sweet promise
Or an illusion of the same?

Soon, soon we shall know,
Has the bug moved on or stayed.
Then, only then can we begin
Considering how to evolve, innovate

Saturday, March 24, 2012

All that I can be!

Strange how I don't see,
All the things that I can be!
A hundred chances and opportunities,
Lending a plethora of possibilities!
Every colour nature lends herself,
Each streak, a path to joy!

Then along came he,
Keeping me company,
Promised, sworn in, wed-locked,
Into glorious harmony!

Look how much I suddenly see!
Not just for him but also me!
It’s as though from a life before…
Now it’s become so much more,
With him besides me.

Every window, a reverie,
The doors open to unending fields.
A new world summoned forth to me,
Weaving the old and practicable new,
His hand in mine, we take giant strides,
Aiming to covet every dream!

Saturday, March 03, 2012


There surely is some magic about her
The flash of a smile brings out joy and laughter
Now I wonder just how she weaves her spell
Through her every word, movement and smell.
Treating all as she would herself,
Moulding us, her little elves.
With a swish and flick, we looked slick,
A gentle fill & a happy tummy rumbles,
The great outdoors, guided by her hand,
Up trees and down pits,
Bandaged knees and fingertips
Slowly we grew, in her robust care,
From teeny-meeny to this!
Treating all alike with love and care,
Granpa, granma and papa bear!
All I hope for, all I wish
Is to be like her, a lady ideal.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ah Calcutta!

I hear around me
Pseudo desi-pardesis
Fake, accented English
English accented Bengali
Born yesterday
Dreaming tomorrow
Living and breathing
A borrowed country's reams

Ah lecherous pigs of Kolly
Your every smirk, wink, is a folly
The men think they're jolly
And the women, all dollies.
Prancing, dueling around willfully
Accusing not self, but society.

Give me a 'madrasan' any day
In work he squanders his night and day
Dare he raise his leering stare
quickly shamed in but one glare
He knows how to respect his equals,
His demeanour evokes graceful volumes

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hazy Demise

Menacingly it waits
Looming, ominous pallor
A blotch on the horizon.

Slowly obscurity sets in
Cows, birds shake and tremble,
As the murky beast advances

Darker and darker it gets,
Masking the dusk palette,
Shrouding human regret.

It’s not in the wind’s power
To shake off this fallen tower
Heavy with ashes and dirt.

Watch it with baited breath
Plundering fortunes of the realm
Wonder what the outcome will be?

Though the monster lost,
Earth is now trauma fraught,
Not a blade grows, none alive.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Through your eyes

Someday I’ll be famous,
Someday I’ll be free!
Tied down only and only
By chains of my creativity!

One day I’ll look back
One Day I’ll believe
That all this I go through
Turned my nerves to steel!

Maybe then I’ll see what you see
Maybe then the Diva will shine
Looking down from that pedestal
Made on hard work and toil.

The Past won’t go away,
It grows older day by day
A li'l more experience, a bit more wise
A strong platform for building life.

That day we’ll be together
That day you’ll look in my eyes
How far we came together
How much more there is to survive.

Today I look in your eyes.
Today I take you for mine.
Together we'll live out life,
Through your steadfast eyes.