Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life, clouds and voices abound

Floating in the clouds,
will you bring me down
or come up to join me?
I see a speck in the sky,
and will your face to it.
Hear the sound of the wind,
listen to your voice within!
euphoric rises in a tiny space...
This tiny space, the core
of all that went before.
How much more can it take?
You'll be surprised at its space.
Many memories lie in wait
to be evoked by you today
Tomorrow's yet another day
More life is definitely headed our way.

Monday, June 22, 2009

An instrument, a means, a love...

Got a juke box on my shoulders
And a shuffle button for a heart.
Can’t decide for the life of me
Is it you that I love, need, want?

A little attention lifts my spirits
Got me grinning like an idiot.
Ear to ear I stretch my smile.
Stopped counting the dreams jumping o’er the stile

Have I loved you a life before?
With you, walked many miles?
These images etched in my brain
Dreams, or life memories I can’t reclaim?

Will you be mine once more this time?
Can this love absolve all crime
of those that went before us?
Tomorrow perhaps, is our unison wondrous.

I’m a guitar, you’re the strings
Learning chord by chord
Soon enough noise will be sound
No-one can tell us apart, me and you, entwined, bright.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Passing wonder

I yearn to hear your voice.
So sweetly you do meld to mine
Miles apart, yet we are one
When will you come?
My dreams, you must know,
Are now getting out of my ears
It’s not a simple thing.
This love, it’s driving me up walls
I fear opening even a window
Lest I let out a penny of thoughts
Left in the wild, they’d only grow.
Dwarfed by you already.
Wild thoughts might set me loose.
What do you even know?
Every word you say, I treasure.
Each syllable is a pleasure.
Never before have I thus surrendered
To nothing but a passing wonder!

One, yet none

An odd rush of blood
Waiting for a sign of the flood
Dousing me in thoughts of you.
Not much, just a word or two
Leaping and flying,
hanging on for more.
Not an intellectual,
Not even a guru.
A hand-crafted connection
Sparks at each intersection
Thrust together, we can not merge
Situations created by man, not earth,
Draws a line, oddly severed.
Centuries, religions and gastronic bents behold
We are one and yet we none.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost Weekends

Feel like today's Friday
Dancing moons of whey
were today really Friday
I'd borrow a god's head
what happened to Saturday, Sunday?
haven't realised, it's Monday!
Help me find my weekends?
I don't know where I lost them.

written on a Wednesday :)


Here and waiting,
for you to call,
for the bell to toll.
This summer heat
It deludes me so.
Peaking in a frenzy
The Sun is to descend.

The earth is waiting
a chance to resurrect.
Engulfed in the purity of the sun.
Fused together, not forever
parting ways as feathers.
Taking form again
in the leaden rain.

Once surrendered
Given all in.
Belonging together
Sparring like twins
A gentle dance
A pressurized calm
Around an absent fire.
A knot joins us
Me and my summer.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The cushiony nerve!

You make it so easy
Falling back to you
There is no game
A cushion’s the same.
Welcoming every change
With a softness that stays the same.

Why don’t you fight it?
This urge to merge
It’s not right,
It’s not done.
What cannot be is not fun.
Yet the coziness will not leave
Into your arms, I do me weave.
I know not what tomorrow will seem
But for today I sigh in this dream.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

As one.

Ground's pulled from under my feet.
Breathing, now suspended.
All I can feel is a sense of wonder.
What does it mean I ponder.
Eyes full of just one sight.
God never made any angle the same.
Full of you, the way you smile,
quirky thoughts, each glance and sigh.
the sweet nothings I thought you said
the times we wandered and almost met.
2 moths around a sun-bright flame
with you, I'll go down
over and over again.
Perhaps it is to rise once more.
Not a phoenix from it's ashes,
but wholly together as one, not more.

For you.

Who is it that you wait for?
Why does the cage shake so?
A wish, nothing more than a dream
with it, come so many memories.
Events that haven't happened
A happiness I have yet to see
locked away, lost keys.
Trapped in a golden coop,
lay a heart beat frozen.
Wired to die
Geared to live
It fights these two precipices.
From afar it can not be,
Up close, it's too real.
The vision of a diamond
out in the rough
scarred, flawed,
yet mine to behold.
The joy of as one melding
ours will never be,
and yet for you,
I'd stamp all the flowers
draw out every power
drag myself to my knees.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Settling like mist
Slowly you begin,
Covering ground in wet advances
The bonus of summer
The bane of blocked sewers,
You’re all that’s sweet-smelling
Mood-lifting and love.
Every drop, it does remind me
The ecstasy of quenched thirst.
Swallowed by the earth you fall to
Released as a perfume pulsating.
As temperatures drop
heart-beats go wilder.

Monday, June 01, 2009

liquid or solid, most yum!

Ah the pleasure!
A month of wait.
Dark, sweet nectar
has me in raptures.
Immortal bliss.
This cascading temptation
can melt any reservations
Coating hesitations that affront.
A deep sigh escapes me...
Cocoa springs jubilee
for a sweet tooth's soul!