Sunday, August 30, 2009


Some seeds of thought should not be sown.
The consequences they reap can't be ignored.
mind-altering, stiffening, sparking fights
these thoughts, they are but human plight.
squish them, squash them, killed at seed,
if one has, in your mind loomed,
be kind enough not to spread the germ.


We all have our share of dreams,
the colossal and the unreal.
Fed, watered and well-kept
yet some, maturity, never get.
A dream is but a willful wish
Until ridden over reality’s streams.
Neither horse nor rider can see ahead,
only odds gleaned from pasts tread.
Such colossal threads we weave,
never checking nor stopping to think.
As life tapestry evolves, so do we.
Fighting breakage and old age
trudging on, making space.
No matter how we wish it be,
for a moment, fulfilled we will never be.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got my feet tapping,
singing a song from my soul.
Wash away my sorrows,
cleanse every pore.
Rhythm takes over reason,
other emotions are quieted.
From the depths within
arises a sound so pure
it can chill to the very bone
A gush of endorphins,
A rush of adrenaline
Break out in happiness and more!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dreams we see with ungrown eyes

Fresh to the world,
Looking about with glee
There's a charm in the air,
A glow everywhere.
To peeled, expectant stares
the world sells her wares
Each corner holds opportunity
every heart, a heart of gold.
On first impressions we live,
on first impressions, we're sold.
Living a life that glides
One and all on our side.
We'll change the world,
we'll show you yet!
These dreams we see
With ungrown eyes.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Melty, sugary and tender
in your mouth, works wonders.
Deliciously cold on a sunny day,
pleasure to eat during winter’s stay.
A pleasant tingly sensation
gets you happy and jumping.
The joy of sweet sweet nothings
slowly going down your throat.
Gently it unclenches the tightest fist
Swimming through clamped veins
Divulging it’s secrets in the process.
A little ice cream goes a long way.

Broken glass

The equations have changed,
me and you, we’re not the same.
Perhaps it would last longer,
had we tried stronger;
maybe to be, t’was meant never.
I don’t really need you,
I know you don’t me,
yet at togetherness, we attempt.
Start in the hope of something special,
treasure each word down to its serif.
Conflicting thoughts knocking.
Hush them out, show them the door,
for a little while we were alone.
Growing beyond that cooped space,
standing up, straightening out.
Everything looks a bit different now,
now that I am not wearing my glasses.

Deficit demise

You said you need me,
I can see you don’t.
A week has gone by,
you haven’t mourned.
Loss, absence, bereavement.
Grief for a ‘loved’ one gone.
No sign of remorse,
not a hint at fidelity,
in the bat of an eyelid,
all longings are quenched.
It doesn't take long,
shorter than this song,
another hand in a jiffy,
leashed to your web.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Another name on the list.
One more heart amiss.
Scathingly, to false sorrow you admit,
for parting only brings new tomorrows.
I can fathom not what you think.
Is your mind the master of its will?
Deeply besotted in your ways,
saturation leaves me disheartened.
Reveled in the idea of you,
somewhere deeply imprinted inside,
a scar that you may’nt identify;
The only proof that you were here.
Memories can be doctored,
all evidences tampered,
but this fail-safe method,
the fit of your words to my own,
Assails any shallow sense of victory.


Monday to Monday
we keep our mum.
Never saying a word,
not breaching our trust.
Where have we been,
we will not wonder.
Are we going any further?
We’ve [our] hearts bartered.
Poised and picturesque,
A pretty sight we make.
Sore eyes hunt us;
painters portraits create,
as we lay prostrate.
We live on the way we died;
You with your arrow,
me with my song.
Frozen in marble,
Together, we belong.