Sunday, July 05, 2009


The breeze gently brushes by
It’s into your arms that I fold.
In the way the wind kisses me
I know your lips mine hold.
Slow and sweet
High and lifting
In a another plane
We are existing
Never meeting, yet as one
Together we shall
whether this storm.
Still only a craving
you have me in knots.
Never having known you
yet all these thoughts.
Hold me tight, spin me loose
Love me like we have nothing to lose
Be only mine
I can only be yours
Another life, another time
may never us cross.


  1. Sorry to sound like the editor from hell again, but your second "loose" should read "lose."
    Unless, of course, I mis-read what you were saying.

  2. :D i did intend it to be loose

  3. ahhh...dammit, i guess you're right..i din even realise :D


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