Friday, March 05, 2010

Real Dreams

Gently floating in a land of dreams
Sometimes no reality’s to be seen
Wake me not yet, let me believe
In soft-spoken people and tenderness
From its pedestals, loftiness alights
Mingling as one with our souls
Softly we rise, signaling a soar
Watch the seagulls and turtle doves
Perfect skies shine down on us
As calm tree tops brush by
Gathering flowers, ravishing splendour
Fragrance tempts the skin
Sweet and soothing
A touch can be moving
When you’re all I have within
My outer shell stands for that
A shield against the bad
The rest’s now your core
I can see us grow
Together mostly, at times not so
Awakening to real dreams.

Two Penny Person

Just another two penny person,
Smile on her face,
Brain on the wane.
It’s easy to watch flowers wilt
No-one cares, they become silt.
That’s all that’s meant to be
Of genius and creativity.
Bottled wrong, presented worse
A mire of deep recesses lurk.
Here I sit, at a desk pondering
What will happen to our lady dangling
By the edge of her patience,
[and it’s a long thread]
At the corner of her seat
No longer afraid of the darkness.
If she leaps, and I dare say she will,
What black hole she’s falling through
Any dark sea of cushions to huff onto?