Saturday, March 24, 2012

All that I can be!

Strange how I don't see,
All the things that I can be!
A hundred chances and opportunities,
Lending a plethora of possibilities!
Every colour nature lends herself,
Each streak, a path to joy!

Then along came he,
Keeping me company,
Promised, sworn in, wed-locked,
Into glorious harmony!

Look how much I suddenly see!
Not just for him but also me!
It’s as though from a life before…
Now it’s become so much more,
With him besides me.

Every window, a reverie,
The doors open to unending fields.
A new world summoned forth to me,
Weaving the old and practicable new,
His hand in mine, we take giant strides,
Aiming to covet every dream!

Saturday, March 03, 2012


There surely is some magic about her
The flash of a smile brings out joy and laughter
Now I wonder just how she weaves her spell
Through her every word, movement and smell.
Treating all as she would herself,
Moulding us, her little elves.
With a swish and flick, we looked slick,
A gentle fill & a happy tummy rumbles,
The great outdoors, guided by her hand,
Up trees and down pits,
Bandaged knees and fingertips
Slowly we grew, in her robust care,
From teeny-meeny to this!
Treating all alike with love and care,
Granpa, granma and papa bear!
All I hope for, all I wish
Is to be like her, a lady ideal.