Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Through your eyes

Someday I’ll be famous,
Someday I’ll be free!
Tied down only and only
By chains of my creativity!

One day I’ll look back
One Day I’ll believe
That all this I go through
Turned my nerves to steel!

Maybe then I’ll see what you see
Maybe then the Diva will shine
Looking down from that pedestal
Made on hard work and toil.

The Past won’t go away,
It grows older day by day
A li'l more experience, a bit more wise
A strong platform for building life.

That day we’ll be together
That day you’ll look in my eyes
How far we came together
How much more there is to survive.

Today I look in your eyes.
Today I take you for mine.
Together we'll live out life,
Through your steadfast eyes.