Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In search of...

Zapped, it's amazing how airless
it leaves you, self-confidence.
Memories of another lifetime
No dark alleyways,
Every turn, an opportunity.
Losses are alarming,
this one more so.
When the fearless learn fright
and the straight-backed slouch,
the sun looses a chunk of its sheen.
Yet its heat beats down,
for the proud chests that it once met,
now nothing but weak, spineless behinds.
Staring at the ground, hoping
find again that which was lost.
Shattered fragments of a seed are sown.
Will it once more grow whole?


  1. "sun looses a chunk of its sheen"
    "spineless behinds"

    Loved these especially...


Yes, I appreciate your "two pennies", drop in!