Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inane imaginings of the future

Imagine the harrowing day
When crass will be mainstay
In song, dance, romances
Nothing pure, hidden remains.
Famous English dictionaries
Discarded, battered, thrown away.
Useless in a reduced world
Where actions, disgusting, revolting,
Speak louder than than 'mere' words

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bubbly dreams

Wallowing in my bed
Wandering inside my head
Dreams bobbing along
Like leaves in a rippling pond
Pick ‘em as you please
A new one each time, you see
Different colours, notes, textures
A myriad hues it takes muster
For a single dream to be known.

How the heart aches

The fields are green,
The puddles have gone,
Yet 'neath the trees it rains…

Your smiles and wiles,
In my memories shine,
Like thunder, I feel the pain…

Numbing my mind,
Remember better times,
Quietly my heart aches…

Clear last days,
Blurry last moments,
Yearning your eye for detail…

Tough to plough,
Through each day,
Knowing you'll never return…

Of love and sacrifice

As the sweat beats slow retreat
To the fringe of my cotton tunic
Wistfully wait and wonder I
Why love is sweet yet chronic.

Coming, going, hanging about,
Memories of you flit around,
A sudden breeze on a clear day,
The restful chirpings of night.

Gallantly wandering,
Lost, nowhere,
Untied yet tethered
To your loving lair.

Here I am, a somebody
Marching towards a picture
That depicts rather vaguely
A person I must embody.

From you, to yours and myself
I dance, a balancing act at hand!
Can't ripen every fruit in the tree
But I'll do the best I can.

A one-way street

Wore my heart on my sleeve,
Got left out in the deep.
Gave away too much,
Too late to squeal
When all is redeemed,
Pride will still hurt so!
Knowing that what's given,
Will never be answered.
That once taken,
Forever conquered.

Goody Two Shoes

Pious at Lent
Promiscuous through the year
Unafraid for your soul,
On every day but those.

A show of charity to save your hide,
Feeling disgust, feigning pride!
Many faces to up-keep
For each shallow ‘reality’.

Try hard to be gentle, well-spoken
Generally, as good as ought to be.
Shamming qualities akin to bamboo
Their propriety needs deep roots.

Why try so hard, stoop so low
Attempting to right,
In but a handful of days,
A year’s worth of woes!