Tuesday, December 06, 2011

It's love! :)

Wakefully sleepy mornings
Chilly, yet warm evenings
Faerie nights on burning ice
Sheltered by secretive walls.
Blanketed in your warmth,
Snug and protected,
For all this I am beholden,
Intact yet incomplete.
Golden conspiracies
Mentored meetings
Missed coincidences
Spell out our story
Like the weather,
Never sure ‘til it’s here.
A little magic twirls in
Leaves eyes sparkling within
Hearts beating so loud
Drumming booming thumps.
Music unknown fills our ears
Exuding fumes of love
Inexorably adoring the heart
Little red darts dance
Happy nuggets are now our world!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Love and laughter

Every time I look at you,
Naughty mischief comes straight through!
Dancing, prancing, romancing,
Jilting me with every move.
Little phrases of laughter,
Heady swirls of fun,
Always out there,
In the bright, happy sun!
Tinkling like chimes,
Your stifled giggles rhyme,
Imitating their tender notes,
Uplifting my heart and mind!
A dose of this each day,
And we know everything’s just fine!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inane imaginings of the future

Imagine the harrowing day
When crass will be mainstay
In song, dance, romances
Nothing pure, hidden remains.
Famous English dictionaries
Discarded, battered, thrown away.
Useless in a reduced world
Where actions, disgusting, revolting,
Speak louder than than 'mere' words

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bubbly dreams

Wallowing in my bed
Wandering inside my head
Dreams bobbing along
Like leaves in a rippling pond
Pick ‘em as you please
A new one each time, you see
Different colours, notes, textures
A myriad hues it takes muster
For a single dream to be known.

How the heart aches

The fields are green,
The puddles have gone,
Yet 'neath the trees it rains…

Your smiles and wiles,
In my memories shine,
Like thunder, I feel the pain…

Numbing my mind,
Remember better times,
Quietly my heart aches…

Clear last days,
Blurry last moments,
Yearning your eye for detail…

Tough to plough,
Through each day,
Knowing you'll never return…

Of love and sacrifice

As the sweat beats slow retreat
To the fringe of my cotton tunic
Wistfully wait and wonder I
Why love is sweet yet chronic.

Coming, going, hanging about,
Memories of you flit around,
A sudden breeze on a clear day,
The restful chirpings of night.

Gallantly wandering,
Lost, nowhere,
Untied yet tethered
To your loving lair.

Here I am, a somebody
Marching towards a picture
That depicts rather vaguely
A person I must embody.

From you, to yours and myself
I dance, a balancing act at hand!
Can't ripen every fruit in the tree
But I'll do the best I can.

A one-way street

Wore my heart on my sleeve,
Got left out in the deep.
Gave away too much,
Too late to squeal
When all is redeemed,
Pride will still hurt so!
Knowing that what's given,
Will never be answered.
That once taken,
Forever conquered.

Goody Two Shoes

Pious at Lent
Promiscuous through the year
Unafraid for your soul,
On every day but those.

A show of charity to save your hide,
Feeling disgust, feigning pride!
Many faces to up-keep
For each shallow ‘reality’.

Try hard to be gentle, well-spoken
Generally, as good as ought to be.
Shamming qualities akin to bamboo
Their propriety needs deep roots.

Why try so hard, stoop so low
Attempting to right,
In but a handful of days,
A year’s worth of woes!

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Can't get the words to form
A song to which I belong
Sorry, unspoken thorns
Whisper as the night prolongs

I see your gentle lips
Uttering quiet words of bliss
Making me wonder of 'what if?'...
Yours or mine, whose loss is this?

When the world felt too close,
You pushed it away.
When I was alone,
You were there to stay

Separately, togetherness was ideal
On merging questions arose
A might little demon army,
It's ugly head reared.

Like the two sides of a coin,
Together, yet not,
We fought
Slashing at demons till dead.

Here and now,
Hand in hand
Side by side
Forever we stand

Featuring the Future, picturing the Past

Disconnected from today
In each and every way
What holds for us tomorrow
I could certainly never say

Reviving old memories
Photographs and letters in writing
Feel the pain of growing
Growing up and forgetting.

What was once is not again...
What time has rendered
And then changed
Yet we worked on in vain

Marching ants through the past
Hoping for release from the dark
Trying, going against grain
To make future and past the same.

It's no use, my dear
In rewind, Past remains.
Look forward this day and see
The sunshine tomorrow brings clear.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Beautiful beginnings

Silver drops of sunshine,
Against a moonlit sky.
Blue skies and purple clouds,
Glistening, thunderous edges,
Let in this glorious dawn...

A new beginning,
A fresh start,
Like spring after winter,
A chance to turn around,
Take the mundane out of life!

Rains wash away wounds,
Bury sorrows and worries.
Slept over, wake up, look ahead...
A light shines just for you...
An eternity of sunny fame!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Balloon in the sky!

What's it like
To be a balloon in the sky
Flying so high...
No worries nor woes
Just happily afloat.
Clouds are moats,
Shed them like coats!
Balloon bobbing along,
Saying 'hello' to the sun.
Revelling in the light...
Pop! Goes the balloon!
Quickly fizzling rubber
Makes a dash for it's mother (earth)
Pop! Went the balloon,
Now lost to the Winds.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Pent up inside,
A writing bug lies,
The world swirling in it's eyes.

'Know night nor day',
The storm clouds say,
'But wait a while, please stay'

For such a show
Of wind and storm gale
Very rarely passes this way.

"Hah!" Says our bug,
"What of this rain,
Gales such I face and fie!"

Heart of matter,
Plunging deep,
Swords swing, rhythm brings.

Words stream,
A puzzle pieced
together bit by bit.

A bug resides,
A brain decides,
And words gush forth in tide.

rollercoaster ride

Guts, gumption and glory!
I rushed through in a hurry!
Maybe they followed me?!
But it's a happy thing to see,
In plain sight, there's no misery.
Uphill all the way from here!
Trudging along, looking far & near.
New roles, take heart, hey!
Twisting, turning,
Rollercoaster ride
Drama series have no less a high!
Happy for the good,
Cast away the bad
Pick up yourself,
Get back on the tide!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ambiguous Journey

Some days you feel pretty
Some days are just fine
Then those days that rattle you
Make you hide your face and whine

Not all moods are happy,
Not all moods are sad.
Then there're those that get you
Make you twist and churn inside

Not everything stays up
Nor are there constant lows
All the plateaus that fill the gap
Make you think of the miles to go.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Writing for the soul

Writing is wonderful tonic for the soul
It can grow Rose tints in your eyes
Erase blackness in the heart
Clear up the mind and air
Make life a mystical being
Living, breathing joy!

The fine line

Feelings are no longer one's own
Joint at hip, sharing emotion shown.
Festering inside, wounds grow,
Out of proportion, sadness seeds sown.
To be good or bad?
To be or not to be...
Questions haunt the soul.
Deciding to love is not easy,
Consistency is tough to achieve.
A word, an action, a single glance,
Throw open windows unknown.
Tricky to balance this tiresome duo,
Happiness and it's faceless foes.
From company and loneliness
Draw your reserves
For this party of life to preserve
You must know more than shiny bits show