Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Ode to my Childhood

Just like breathing, I forget,
How un-assuming and easy it is,
Until it barely exists.
Family, so hard to build,
Easily displaced and shelved.
Dust off the covers,
Rediscover old joys,
Dark rooms, joke books,
Pigtails and kites.
Running around, yelling,
Patting, hitting, laughing.
Skipping up and down stairs,
Monkeys climbing trees,
Playground wounds and
Top secret missions.
Endless games and parades.
Running to finish first,
In a race that a glance decided.
Looking back, I say this,
A childhood filled with memories
A childhood worth reliving.

That's me!

I’m the kind of person
That picks up old conversations
Who can trip on her own thoughts
Can act oh-so-propah for a laugh

I’m just silly old me
The girl who’s always all ears
And quite often shares tears
Even over broken toys.

A book worm would be jealous
Of the pages I’ve lived through
I’m jealous of elephants
For pages I rarely remember

None can find one like me
A vociferous wall flower
A twinkle-toed little nerd
An all heart, no grit little girl.

Give me your frowns
I’ll turn ‘em uside down
Let me colour up your views
Spray love around your igloo.