Friday, September 03, 2010

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget
Maybe a wig, a smile, a mind-set
Apprehensive is the word
For every form I take

Don't take off your rose-tint glasses
They're the only way to live.
Once off, you only see ashes
Shades of grey, structures collapsing.

Not cement nor steel or man-made,
Of dreams  they are fabricate.
Built on belief
Destroyed by regret
A part of you wasted

Sometimes I forget
To stay happy, must race ahead
No peace I find
Even pillow 'neath my head

Heavy heart find a dark place
When none other can fathom fate
Over-whelmed in sadness I turn to thee
Wearing my mask, smiling, pretending

Sometimes I forget, You see me
What I am and where I could be
Rescue plans stand thwarted
My head in your palms, solace.