Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little girl

Returning home with a heavy heart
How she wished to live another part.
Into a fresh new life, to awake with a start.
This one was’s blooming
Nor had it lost its shine.
Yet somewhere along the way,
She’d traded her heart for mind.

Hey little girl, where have you been?
My memories of you stem from within.
Hey little girl, flash me your smile.
If we play hopscotch, will you stay a while?
Hey little girl tell me your secret?
Are we each other, why do we connect?

Running to corners, will we desire heaven?
A weighty term, resting lightly on your shoulders.
Mountains of expensive joys, thrust vainly at you.
Never as much fun as cartons and sticky glue.
You value as taught, to tell good from not.
From you I learn again, not all is good that’s bought.
A smile, a hug and a few hours away whiled.

My little girl, where have you been?
It’s been too long, come, make me shine.
Hey little girl, flash me your smile.
Light up my world, no pennies or dimes.
Hey little girl, tell me your secret
You let me in and I did not even know it.

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