Friday, July 31, 2009


What is it like?
To not know yourself?
At each footstep you turn,
“Who’s there?”, the question burns.

A little down the way,
seeing things that aren’t there.
Trying not to return
all the stinging stares.

Ambiguous flashes of a life
Whose are they?
Are they even your own?
Thoughts perish at birth

A world so lonesome.
Being there is tiresome.
Liberated from this burden.
Another world, tainted as heaven.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inner voice

How I long to hear your voice,
that simple tremor matching mine.
A little discussion,
lot of procrastination,
a world of conversations to share.
A simple dream,
pedestal-ed in rich cream;
See the world through new eyes.
Mellifluous in depth,
pulling at heart strings.
They ache at memories that sing.
Like a child in a cupboard,
your voice is my scabbard,
to it I, my life, bequeath.
What’s done is gone,
That’s not new or profound,
yet, around you I’m wound.
Call me again.
I won’t falter or restrain,
in your arms once more,
I find myself.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Pencil Box

“Welcome!”, said the pen
“Welcome to our den.
Mind your step,
watch your head!
We’ve a party going on,
Invited one and all.
Have you met Miss Lead?
Sleek, black and pretty,
wooden tresses a-plenty
This is our Ruler.
Indeed a royal and noble measure!
Though Compass can guide you not,
be certain he pin-points a lot!
Eraser has the merriest life,
Socializing with the covers.
Sharpener’s a bit attention-shy.
All he needs is a little time.
Soon enough you’ll met his spiky wits.
The Protractor’s on a trip of her own
360 degrees, all alone!”
“And,” said Miss Lead,
You already know Ink Pen.
Life of the party,
Star of the show;
The very ink in our veins”

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Some days it’s all sunshine
Some days nothing can stop the rain.
Other times you really wonder,
Why life’s never the same?

Dollops of ice-cream
Tons of chocolatey goo.
A smattering of play things,
Many old friends too.

The signal’s gone red to green.
Some memories tender, some requiem.
Life rolls on like a deafening thunder
Snap out of it, pull yourself together.

Let our yesterdays be our grounding
Today’s the air we breathe.
Every minute forged ahead
is a tomorrow, fresh and real.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Li'l dog, lotta love

Sweet, sweet and tender,
My puppy, you make me wonder.
How can your love be so strong?
Glad life’s done you no wrong
A wag so joyous,
it uplifts your being
A bark so jovial,
it lightens up many emotions.
Merry little strides you take,
Spreading cheer with each step.
Little children blossom in your wake
Feet pattering, hearts racing
Everywhere you go.

Pra2 - for you again, a different topic attempted :)

Discovering detachment

It’s been long gone
Since I made the choice
Even forgotten
the weight in your voice.
Not alien to your emotions,
but to your touch, a stranger.
Hard to believe I’d loved you so
When you, I cannot remember.

Friday, July 17, 2009


In her eyes you see flashes,
some of brilliance, some of anger.
A voice that, with it, carries
the wealth of generations’ knowledge.
A sense of the unputdownable,
enveloping as she talks her wares.
Behold her might as she, on you, slowly grows.
A year together, maybe more.
Quite enough time to play, laugh, learn.
The seed of gratefulness is sown.
In the beginning you did not know it.
Nearer the end,
not enough ways to show it.

at the behest of a good friend, this is an attempt to write poetry on a topic other than my usual [emotions]...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My friend, the end

Trust me slowly
As I lose trust in you.

Bind me to me
I break free and loose.

Jump off a cliff
I’ll watch as far as you go.

Run an empty mile
I stay still as you go.

Draw down the shutters

Floating in clouds of make believe
Ground’s fallen from under my feet.
Sun shines down so brilliant
On a world that no longer sings.

Words and phrase are influential.
Sweet nothings match random shine.
For while just flying high,
greeted by an ungrateful smile.

A bit cheated and a lot squandered.
Dreams are tender things, don’t let them wander.
Sold before even seeing them, I gather!
On a month, a lifetime, draw down the shutters.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Breaking the habit

I’m breaking the habit.
It’s tough and it’s hurting.
Need you out of my system.

Every waking hour in your midst.
You said ‘Never a moment of bliss’.
What was it you spoke of?
Rubbishing romance and the first kiss.

Why did I hang on?
It’s a lone wolf I’m looking at.
What was I thinking?
Wolfs are not human beings.

A light laugh, chatter-filled nights.
From myself I was estranged.
A strange, new awareness; new sensations.
A renewed dash of hope, faith.

I’m breaking the habit.
You’ve got me roughed and smarting.
heart on sleeve that I’m sporting.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little girl

Returning home with a heavy heart
How she wished to live another part.
Into a fresh new life, to awake with a start.
This one was’s blooming
Nor had it lost its shine.
Yet somewhere along the way,
She’d traded her heart for mind.

Hey little girl, where have you been?
My memories of you stem from within.
Hey little girl, flash me your smile.
If we play hopscotch, will you stay a while?
Hey little girl tell me your secret?
Are we each other, why do we connect?

Running to corners, will we desire heaven?
A weighty term, resting lightly on your shoulders.
Mountains of expensive joys, thrust vainly at you.
Never as much fun as cartons and sticky glue.
You value as taught, to tell good from not.
From you I learn again, not all is good that’s bought.
A smile, a hug and a few hours away whiled.

My little girl, where have you been?
It’s been too long, come, make me shine.
Hey little girl, flash me your smile.
Light up my world, no pennies or dimes.
Hey little girl, tell me your secret
You let me in and I did not even know it.


Often I feel the words gush out of me
Much like a river; a poem, an essay, a stream.
Dancing through my eyes,
making me squirm and squeam.
Can’t find a buncha keys, neither pen nor paper to absorb ink
Teasing me in their lucidity
Changing pace with alacrity
A phrase once made,
Never to return,
Nothing is the same again.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

3 short ones

Sing like you’re more than just blind
Soar like you’ve only just met the sky
The joy of not knowing is truly bliss
To love, fall, hurt and again, begin


Nothing more than a cycle,
The ups, downs and flat-out plateaus
Attempting to live all life
In not less than a few seconds.


Can not fathom where this leads.
Today is only here and now
Yesterday’s best forgotten
All we’re left with is you and me
and the strange reality we're leading.



The breeze gently brushes by
It’s into your arms that I fold.
In the way the wind kisses me
I know your lips mine hold.
Slow and sweet
High and lifting
In a another plane
We are existing
Never meeting, yet as one
Together we shall
whether this storm.
Still only a craving
you have me in knots.
Never having known you
yet all these thoughts.
Hold me tight, spin me loose
Love me like we have nothing to lose
Be only mine
I can only be yours
Another life, another time
may never us cross.