Friday, April 30, 2010

Moonlit nights

No rings to be heard,
nor a light undeserved,
when darkness falls,
she sets much straight.

Pretty full moons on
sultry summer nights.
Starry companions
shine with all might.

Beams that brighten,
Corners once forgotten,
Not a word maybe whispered,
Never know what's interrupted.

Jeweled skies gently hang,
as the earth rises to greet her,
O lady in the sky, round and fair,
Do stay a while and greet us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The love potion

Holding back yet reeling
A sleepy, sleepy feeling
High on dreaming
The power of believing
Dreams come true
And oh so well
A smile, a glance
A telling sigh
Warm and misty
Delightful reverie
Lost in thoughts
Of when and why
Might the clock never tick
But the breeze gently blow
Might the hours never move
But time grow more.
Slowly absolving
Like a drop in an ocean
Not falling, but rising
The love potion.