Thursday, December 20, 2012

The College trip

On a trip with girlfriends,
Trying new sports, quite fun!
But for one pit fall...
Everywhere you look,
Lecherous eyes…
Put on your blinders,
Smile smile smile!
Words can be ignored,
Glances left un-noticed,
Some even pretend,
They weren’t brushed against!
The memory won’t go away…
Cycling around an idyllic lake,
Pedaling fast to, respect, save!
A few girls pursued by more boys,
The cat calls jade.
Yet we pretend.
Maybe it’ll fade away.
The wolves belt love songs
As soon as you, them cross.
The deliberate meandering,
An attempt to collide.
The last straw’s prelude:
Rabbits jumping, jeering,
Into our bus as it parks.
On entering Devil’s Point;
A brazen shutterbug snaps!
Tears in her eyes,
Thunder in our hearts!
Clenching his hands,
Unwavering, unafraid.
A show of strength later,
A wrenched roll of film ensures
Never again, never again.