Thursday, December 10, 2009


How can I go in peace?
Although my place is here
Yet away we must be.
Perfection to such a degree
Knowing that it’s meant to be
Fitting together yet falling apart
Attempting lightness of diverged paths
The right way to rest our heads
A secret found, another kept.
Gently accepting the growing pain
Nudging apart to no obvious gain
Cold hearted, calculated steps
Boldly taken, lashing our chests.
Watching you plain as day
tomfoolery, making hay
Something snapped, then it changed
I go in peace
For away we must be.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Want it
Yet dread it
What is,
What could be
And thereafter.
A dream
A sonnet
A disaster.
Charms entice
When laughter lies
Wish it is so
A wish can betray.

several, untitled

A difficult task you have handed down,
to forget and perhaps forgive.
Have you realized yet,
how similar you are
to the air I breathe,
ground ‘neath my feet,
the skin I wear and live in.
Don’t ask me favours,
I can’t give answers complete
Without you, I find so much
deary, dead and unfinished.
Is there much more to this world?
I knew only you from start to fini.
Let me dream for a while,
Let me believe you’re only mine,
What’s the harm in dreaming?
I know reality bites
Afraid to love again
A broken heart’s pieces
They’re hard to find.
Irreplaceable, one of a kind.
Gently we fell in place
Easily giving, selfless grace.
Mind does emotion betray.
Hapless fury hath no face
Twice pulverized,
you’ve left in haste.
Learn to tame,
Not your taste,
Wild horses are not your game.
Another man may another day
Flag this stallion
Bring her to bay.
Twice tried
Thrice denied.
Is it yes you’re afraid to say?
How to break a heart in 30 seconds
Walk away when she’s bleeding
Tease her when she’s pleading
Writhing in pain,
She watches in vain.
Tenderness once knew this place
Gave it respite, gave it grace.
An open wound brings no joy
A broken heart is but, a cloy.
At a woman’s heart, I pray,
Do not, like a donkey, bray
I am her I was not before,
Will be she who I am not now.
What was, to begin,
What will be, at end,
Is more myself
Than any journal lends.
Mother, daughter, girl, friend.
The mind reasons,
The heart will not placate.
An internal battle wages forth
An emotional storm wrecks havoc
Never far from hysterics
Nor from laughter insane.
Sanity’s certainly not,
In this blind game
Everybody makes mistakes,
As did I, fell for you.
The joke’s on me,
Always a goof.
Neither rightful hour nor nun
Can stop me burning
under this sun.
Sin’s a sin,
tho otherwise written.
Forgive and forgiven
Wounded pores still linger.

Witching hour

Pink night skies
A chilly winter’s night
Not a lonely moment
Never a dark veil
Day dreams and reality
Parallelly coincide
Nay, a magical time
‘neath this I lie
Watching it all go by
Trance and reverie
My state belie
A squirrel snores
When crows come to blows
This mysterious muted hour
Here not blooms a flower
But wilder than I believe
Ravens with night vision
Leaves that spooky-speak
A time for bewitching
A time for believing