Friday, April 01, 2011

Writing for the soul

Writing is wonderful tonic for the soul
It can grow Rose tints in your eyes
Erase blackness in the heart
Clear up the mind and air
Make life a mystical being
Living, breathing joy!

The fine line

Feelings are no longer one's own
Joint at hip, sharing emotion shown.
Festering inside, wounds grow,
Out of proportion, sadness seeds sown.
To be good or bad?
To be or not to be...
Questions haunt the soul.
Deciding to love is not easy,
Consistency is tough to achieve.
A word, an action, a single glance,
Throw open windows unknown.
Tricky to balance this tiresome duo,
Happiness and it's faceless foes.
From company and loneliness
Draw your reserves
For this party of life to preserve
You must know more than shiny bits show