Sunday, March 23, 2008

deja vu

Been a while

Since we’ve had the time,

Each one of us

Let loose and carefree.

Where we are going

And whom are we doing it for

It speaks in our pride

And voluminizes the silence.

Each little silence

Drips with such force

Each minute detail in the floor

Rises to hold the ceiling.

Shattered, sputtering,dying to cave in

the low rise designs hold steady

a high rising, yet crumbling fa├žade.

In the hope of love she conquered many,

Yet ignored the only one treasured.

Deep inside the clockwork kept ticking,

It’s rhythm, bleating a yearning

For days gone by.

Go into the framework,

Look how it holds

cracks soldered, beams nailed.

Here you feel the strength we shared,

the shadows we deem our own.

Like stuck records we return

Rejuvenate and rejoice

Forever looking forward

To a future as beautiful as the past