Friday, February 13, 2009

The Unseeing Child

Have you ever seen a thousand smiles
explode all as one.
Sorrow altogether swept away
to the thrumming beats of joy.

A twinkle in unseeing eyes,
Parted lips, wide, beaming smiles.
Giggles, they erupt, with memories
of sunshine and a mother's touch

The sway of a tyre hung on a tree,
The feel of sand and gravel under one's feet,
The cleansing cool of a running stream.

These eyes, they can see,
A hug can brighten the dullest face.
The flutter of eyelashes invites goose bumps.
And how a simple whisper
can leave behind a world of wonder.

Ask them, for they know,
how precious a little love is.
They have full measure of each word and touch
Reckoned up and treasured away for a winter's day.

Sunny warmth on dimpled cheeks,
Grassy footprints where ever they leap.
The eyes of an unseeing child
They see more than we.

These are the eyes of the unseeing child
Boldly living an explorer's life.
Each scent is a discovery,
Every utterance brings knowledge.
A touch can change the world.