Saturday, May 17, 2008

No one but me

"In this life of others,
I lead one of my own.
traversing through secret sorrows,
hatching big plans of happiness

In this life of others,
I want more for my own;
beyond a roof for shelter,
more of a heart for caring.

In this life of others,
it is I who stands out, aloof.
Not caring for en masse'
but for the sweat of my work.

In this life of others,
money hath much prelavence.
Where twas one lone conspirator,
now, a stealthy abundance.

In this life of others,
a dollar can't buy a thought.
A thought so well-gaurded,
the owner has resigned to secrecy.

Here in this life,
there's no one but me."
A fine concept it is,
close to the hearts of too many.


  1. in this one life
    these words add a little colour
    fleetingly touch
    tickling some others
    enjoyed this

  2. loved the ending lines......nicely written..keep posting and thanks for dropping by

  3. In this life of others,
    a dollar can't buy a thought.

    loved it...

  4. lovely poem...why do u call it life of others. its our own life. we shud choose how we live it

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  5. Exactly what I feel!
    :(( I'm gonna howl now!


  6. in this life of others
    she found a way to carve her own
    leaving little grooves of memories
    n mythical stories for d unknown

    great post!!!! dropped in here thru macadamias blog n must say m highly impressed by wat have read

  7. Nice..
    A very few people can actually pull off the non-rhythmic pattern of poetry..

    That was a nice one..

  8. Don't curse me.. but.. you've been tagged! :D

  9. Loved the poem. Good to see you've been writing again!!


Yes, I appreciate your "two pennies", drop in!