Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here,even the fences are alive,
breathing the joyous mountain air.
Here them talk, talk to the trees,
Swaying their leaves in the gentle breeze
Chirruping birds respond, as mist meets tea.

Here, in Munnar, heaven has descended.
You're walking on clouds and breathing mrryah
Sheathed in misty aura, complimented by virgin greens.
The perfect setting for a movie scene.

Climbing hills hide sweeping valleys
brimming with Nature's bounty.
Spices abound, as does tea,
A treat indeed for the senses.

come over, refresh, leave the world behind.
A veritable sanctuary for the tired mind.
Clean out your system, reclaim your time,
Come over, refresh & rediscover yourself


  1. somehow never liked munnar......

  2. Munnar is truly a mini heaven. Been there in September, visiting againon Christmas :-)

  3. hi..thanks for the comments! Nice poems!! :)

  4. hey i visited munnar and i quite agree with you about it being a perfect setting for a movie scene...

    th last stanza wud be brilliant copylines for a tourism advertisement!

    P.S: nice blog and interesting poems.. u seem to be a nature person?


Yes, I appreciate your "two pennies", drop in!