Monday, April 07, 2008

It’s the middle of the night,
Baby’s singing her song
Dirty nappies n’ powdered milk,
Where’s my mamma gone.
Daddy-o-daddy, why ain’t you here
Please change me my nappies,
why’s my skin getting blotchy…
But he’s too busy,
Cold beers and foosball,
Got the stereo on full blast
Drowning out the kid’s call
Damn that kid,
Wailing since ma woman’s gone,
It’s all she’s left me, a baby and a song
Looted, plundered, smacked n’ mashed
Whatisit at first sight…Just a load of trash.
Six months of romance, one marriage later
Two years of scrap.
Brawled, battled, battered n’ bruise
Left me with the kid,
Took ma best friend on a cruise.

wrote this one for a copy test...abt a year and a half ago....


  1. nice, diff: glorification of the father... goodo !

  2. I could picture the scene... vividly!
    Its refreshing to read some thing non-flowery for a change. Lovely!

  3. wow... just wow... and WOW in all caps..

  4. I could almost visualize the whole scene..
    Typical white trash..
    Large male with tattoos et al!

    Really nice though.. From a perspective you never really care to identify..

  5. @shoonyata...thanks :D

    @ macadamia...thanks again =D

    @ da rodent...*grins*

    @ Arvind...wendy bendy! i remembered i wrote this after reading your test :D lookit me now...not in advertising n happy all the same...will you be too?


Yes, I appreciate your "two pennies", drop in!