Tuesday, November 20, 2007

love lost, never was

Reeks of betrayal,
of another heart broken.
The sound of a soul shattering
on the last legs of its keeper's tolerance

Just how awful must she be.
to have hurt and not repented
the damage to one so pure.
It's worse the first time 'round.

Picking up the broken pieces
trying to mend them doesn't work.
A mismatched patch, lovingly soothed...
and she is nearly whole.

gently she broods over what's past
Know that this was cruelty not
but such love as one will only see.
Such love, it could never be.


  1. Wow.. I liked the ending..
    I loved the ending actually..
    When I finally form my imaginary band, you're gonna be our lyricist.. :P

    Stereotype huh? It's always the girl who loves and loses, eh?..
    I can almost hear you saying;
    "Repeat after me.. Guys are evil!"

    What happened to all your cheery rants about butterflies, buttercups and green meadows with lambs dancing in the warmth of the sunlight??
    Okay.. I'm nauseated.. Will be back with more constructive criticism or a zipped-up mouth.. :)

  2. I loved this one farah...it touched me !!!


  3. heartbreaks actually happen for a reason......that someone much better deserves the beautiful you.

    Love the last lines.....

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  5. I loved the way u expressed it..
    each n every line says the agony of love..
    especially the lines..

    "Picking up the broken pieces
    trying to mend them doesn't work"

    kinda tocuhed my heart...
    betrayal is the worst mainfestation of human misconduct...n wn it comes to love neither science nor the society can heal the deep pain that it caused...


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