Wednesday, December 12, 2007

find me a God!

it's all hazy, I am lost,
Find me my island
Find me a god!
Wandering so far,
yet home I have not found
nor a roofed shed.
Sweltering in turmoil,
reality beats my face
The body requires no shade
when the heart has fled it's stay.
Wirthing from within,
tear streaks mark the days.
For whom does this shell wait?


  1. Wow!
    THIS is mature poetry..
    I want to be able to write like this some day..
    All I do is look for stupid words to rhyme.. Like Cat/Bat/Mat,etc...
    I never end up getting something quite this beautiful..

    What is your secret Farah?
    Pray tell me!

    P.S: Nice figurative poetry.. You're young.. You have plenty of time to make a place for yourself.. Until then, just hold on to what you're familiar with.. :)

  2. Beautiful.....actually misery suits you.


Yes, I appreciate your "two pennies", drop in!