Monday, October 30, 2006

love n the raindrops

Little drops of water

Raining down on me

As I lay here

Besides my fantasy

Love that never was

A future that I’ll never see

Yet a flame of hope

Keeps us burning

Soldering, melting, uniting,

Forever forging a half-wit bond

Sweet nothings that fulfil needs

Flowing white silver and blood

Crystalline as the purest stone

Only reflections, it’s not an image

“This too shall pass”, it decrees


  1. Thats some way of looking at future, wish I could do the same!

  2. Drippin with ecstacy your poem is...
    I guess the wheels of 'love' are already in motion?

    I don't quite know WHAT inspired you to write the poem...
    It's like your soul is not as hollow as you make it seem... You're so dark & mysterious Farah...
    NOT! Hahaha...

    Lovely poem...
    And it's MY turn now... UPDATE! :D

  3. I know you're kinda busy et al...

    But UPDATE!
    Seriously!! X-(

  4. I know you're kinda busy et al...

    But UPDATE!
    Seriously!! X-(

  5. Yes its true i forced you to leave,
    but it was the only way to set you free
    Months have passed and I'm still struggling to live,
    wondering why your name echoes with my each heart beat.

    Yes its true i have hurt you enough
    but with you i too have suffered.
    Secretly loving you and pretending to be hateful,
    Oh! if only u knew what pain it was to endure.

    Yes its true my life is closing to its end,
    but before my eyes are closed ,i hope to see your dear face.
    With this hope I'm holding on to my very last breath.
    The heart of mine must now wait and wait.


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