Saturday, March 24, 2012

All that I can be!

Strange how I don't see,
All the things that I can be!
A hundred chances and opportunities,
Lending a plethora of possibilities!
Every colour nature lends herself,
Each streak, a path to joy!

Then along came he,
Keeping me company,
Promised, sworn in, wed-locked,
Into glorious harmony!

Look how much I suddenly see!
Not just for him but also me!
It’s as though from a life before…
Now it’s become so much more,
With him besides me.

Every window, a reverie,
The doors open to unending fields.
A new world summoned forth to me,
Weaving the old and practicable new,
His hand in mine, we take giant strides,
Aiming to covet every dream!

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