Friday, March 05, 2010

Real Dreams

Gently floating in a land of dreams
Sometimes no reality’s to be seen
Wake me not yet, let me believe
In soft-spoken people and tenderness
From its pedestals, loftiness alights
Mingling as one with our souls
Softly we rise, signaling a soar
Watch the seagulls and turtle doves
Perfect skies shine down on us
As calm tree tops brush by
Gathering flowers, ravishing splendour
Fragrance tempts the skin
Sweet and soothing
A touch can be moving
When you’re all I have within
My outer shell stands for that
A shield against the bad
The rest’s now your core
I can see us grow
Together mostly, at times not so
Awakening to real dreams.


  1. Hey..

    Do you still have that devastating smile ?
    Are the locks of your hair still fragrant with roses?
    Are there still stars shining in your eyes ?
    Do those cherry lips still sing songs of Love ?
    When you walk,turn around, and then look ?
    Do a thousand flowers still bloom ???

    I am sure they do
    I am certain they do ..


Yes, I appreciate your "two pennies", drop in!