Sunday, June 18, 2006

hey HAS been eons n lightyears hasn't it...a lot has happened in the meanwhile...hmmm...lets list it...

-i graduated
-startin a post grad in sometime
-went to a'bad to have a look at institutes...not eligible...need work ex for MICA
-helpin out at dad's office where i can....
-bro(cousin) got married
-met abhishek bachan
-some of my friends are studyin outta the city, country even
-i've demolished arnd 15 books in near 15 days...
-saw the Da Vinci code...the book's better...somehow, books are always better than their movies
-oh birthday went by...called a coupla friends over...twas fun, they'd given me a 'surprise' at a night club the prev night in keepin wid the whole clock-strikes-12 thing...
-orkut is a bit complicated, but i've found a lotta ppl i've lost touch wid there...

tht's my sis n me wid abhishek bachan...he's got a great voice and does speak well...and GAWD is he talll or wat...


  1. Hola!!

    You just will not STOP gloating over the Abhishek picture will you?? You should've made tabloid headlines back in Ahmedabad..

    How was ur trip?
    & How're you dealing with studies after college?? :P

    Do me a favour & quit spaces.. Post just here!! :)

  2. u kno sumthn???i kno a girl in th 6th who luks xactly like ur sis.not like u tho.i tht i saw tht girl all grown up n stuff.take my word for it.u luk lik u went thru one of dose giant hair blow dryin machines
    .without sleepn for 2 days.

    me,myself n my keyboard.
    (we dont need no education
    we dont need no thought control
    no dark sarcasms in th classroom
    teacher leave those kids alone.)in case u havnt guessd.this is me.
    if u dont kno who me is.i dont care


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